After Hand Wringing over Sports Betting Scandals, Integrity of College Sports Seems Intact

“It’s just a matter of time before you have a scandal”.  The above words are from Tom McMillen, head of the Lead1 Association, which represents...

Terry Bradshaw Restricts Tom Brady’s GOAT Status to 21st Century

On an Arkansas sports radio station, Terry Bradshaw said Tom Brady is lacking when it comes to sheer individual talent.

US Sports Expressions That Have Permeated Mainstream Culture

American sports are woven deeply into the fabric of everyday life. Phrases yelled among coaches and fans at the likes of Razorback Stadium or Bud...

Jerry Jones Likens Himself to G.O.A.T of Blood-Sucking Vampires

Hogs quarterback John Stephen Jones' grandpa joins the undead?

What Baseball Players Need to Know About Preventing Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a sad reality. For many pros or aspiring pros, a sport injury has brought a halt to their baseball career, or...

How to Bet on Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Expect Texas A&M's physicality to give Arkansas problems in this battle of SEC West middleweights.

Major Betting Site Predicts Ole Miss Will Nearly Double Up on Arkansas

All that national respect in the wake of the Auburn "loss" went out the window with this Arkansas-Ole Miss prediction.

Things To Consider When Buying Catchers Bags

Sports have always been touted as beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. Especially when one’s mental health depends figuring out a way to...

Arkansas Sports Betting is Underrated and Productive, Like the Razorbacks

Arkansas, like most states in the country, have taken a plunge into legalized sports betting. As of July 1, 2019, it's legal to gamble...

Affiliate Offers From 1xBet Help Partners Get Profit

With the return of actual, (sorta) real sports, comes the return of betting. Fans of pro Hogs like in the MLB and NBA should...

An Arkansan Teen’s Guide to Excelling in High School Baseball

High school sports are an important part of American society. They teach kids about the competitive nature of life and how to be good...

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan: An Arkansan’s Take

-Tommy Foltz Without real sports, the No. 1 sporting event of the last few months has been the 10-part Chicago Bulls series "The Last...
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