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What Could Have Been with Barry Lunney Jr., Arkansas’ Not-So-Prodigal Son

Three game conference losing streaks are nothing new for the recent Arkansas football program. The SEC is very, very unforgiving especially in the West...

Only Major Head Scratcher from Auburn Loss Evokes Memory of Questionable Houston Nutt Call

Sam Pittman said earlier he goes by feel, not by analytics. He should have stuck to that principle late in the Auburn loss.

Who Really Deserves the Blame for the Razorbacks’ Recent Struggles

There's a lot of misguided blame going around in the wake of the Razorbacks' Auburn loss. Here's a deep dive into who deserves it.

The Cold Reality Behind the Razorbacks’ Latest Down Cycle

The Auburn loss was painful. But this isn't about whether the Razorbacks are good or not. It's about something else closer to home.

Clint Stoerner: “Low-ceiling” Bo Nix Will Be Auburn’s Deciding Factor vs Razorbacks

Bo Nix isn't big-time enough to make the "wow" plays Auburn would need to beat Arkansas, the former Razorbacks quarterback says.

A Payback for the Plains Could Help Catapult Hogs into 2021 Season Homestretch

A look at how the second half of the 2021 season could play out for the Hogs, starting with a huge revenge game vs Auburn.

Sam Pittman Reduces Wannabe Media Outlet Calling Him an “Idiot” to Smoldering Pile of Rubble

Naysayers insulting Sam Pittman on social media has led to the one of the most surprising reasons he is so beloved.

The Closer Hog Fans Look at Bo Nix’s Ridiculous Claim, the More Absurd It Gets

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix should learn when to speak up. His latest claim can be refuted by at least three different fanbases.

Exclusive: Four-star Offensive Lineman Brycen Sanders Talks Arkansas Recruiting

The blue-chip Tennessee native opens up about his recruiting by the Razorbacks. Looks like Sam Pittman has some stiff competition.

The Mirror Magic Barry Odom Worked on the Razorbacks’ Defense is Wearing Off

It looked like Barry Odom could only do so much before critical weaknesses within the Arkansas defense emerged.

Aggies’ Upset of No. 1 Alabama Makes Crazy Fan Theory Involving Hogs Sound Less Crazy

The Aggies team that the Razorbacks owned just two weeks ago was not the same one that stepped up against Alabama.

CBS’ Barrett Sallee: Arkansas Won’t Be Able to Withstand Ole Miss’ Offensive “Brand”

The CBS sports analyst doesn't have a lot of faith in Arkansas' ability to withstand Ole Miss' "haymakers."
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