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6 Less Obvious Reasons that SEC Expansion Will Favor Arkansas Football

We know money is a big reason for SEC expansion. But here are some others you might not have thought about.

4 Reasons Arkansas and Tennessee Football Should Have Opposed SEC Expansion

The Arkansas and Tennessee football program should have voted against Texas' entry into the SEC for similar reasons.

Wally Hall Brings Up “Unwritten Gentleman’s Agreement” that Would Bar Texas from Joining SEC

There were no smoke-filled backrooms and clinking of whisky glasses in the gentlemen's agreement from a decade ago that some SEC football fans still...

Cook ‘Em, Horns: Why Arkansas-Texas Is the Blood Rivalry the SEC Needs

Texas football rises from a state long brain-poisoned on the economics and politics and ethics of oil money. That's good for Arkansas.

A Warning for Oklahoma and Texas as They Prepare to Enter the SEC

Houston Nutt firsthand knows the kind of pain in store for traditionally arrogant Texas and Oklahoma football programs.

Arkansas Football Dodged Big Bullet By Not Joining the Big 12

Bob Stoops tried to make the case that Arkansas should flee the ultra-competitive SEC for the Big 12. Think again, Bob.

Insiders Predict Arkansas Will Be 1 of 4 SEC Teams Needed to Block Entry of Texas and Oklahoma

Why Arkansas is expected to join Texas A&M in blocking Texas and Oklahoma's bid to join the SEC and form the nation's first superconference.

Greg Sankey Makes Admission around SEC Refs Botching Arkansas-Auburn Football Game

The SEC commissioner details what went wrong when SEC referees blew the Arkansas-Auburn football game in 2020.

Arkansas Football a Big Loser in SEC Expansion

The Arkansas football program stands to lose a lot more than it would gain in SEC expansion with Oklahoma and Texas.

Wally Hall on Burying the Hatchet with Houston Nutt and Covering Arkansas Football

The iconic Arkansas columnist recalls the time Houston Nutt lit into him on a live sports radio show — and what resulted from that blowup.

Four-Star Recruit Shamar Easter: Arkansas’ football camp is a “mix of Alabama and Clemson”

Arkansas' top-ranked prep football player in the class of 2023 provides some interesting comparisons in an exclusive interview.

Like “Sarah Huckabee Sanders with Testosterone,” Jake Bequette Readies to Sack John Boozman

Arkansas football great Jake Bequette's vision of a colorblind American sports history sounds good. But he's indulging a fantasy.
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