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Grant Morgan on How Arkansas is Scheming Against Quarterbacks “Mastermind” Jimbo Fisher and Zach Calzada

Get a glimpse inside the mind of Arkansas' All-American linebacker as the Hogs prepare for Jimbo Fisher's No. 7 squad.

After Admitting He Ate Crow, Alabama Writer Poses Sam Pittman as a Kind of Anti-Jimbo Fisher

Hunter Yurachek's hiring of Sam Pittman is looking like a genius move so far. It's a far cry from the way Jimbo Fisher rose the ranks.

Arkansas’ Big Win Confirms Texas as “Bullsh*t Program” Not Ready for the SEC

College football analysts held nothing back when it came to Texas football following its big loss to Arkansas.

ESPN’s Inevitable All-Razorbacks Channel Can’t Come Soon Enough Given Rice vs Arkansas Viewing Mess

Figuring out how to view Arkansas vs Rice was ridiculously complicated. It's about time that a new Razorbacks channel resolves this mess.

Look Who Elevated Arkansas Football into Alabama/Ohio State Territory for 2022 NFL Draft

No national respect? Not from The Athletic's NFL Draft analyst, who puts Arkansas into some very elite company.

Bryan Harsin’s “Infuriating” Early Failure at Auburn is a 180° from Right Tack Sam Pittman is Taking

Just a few months in, new Auburn football coach is raked over the coals for failing his program. Arkansas, meanwhile, does it right.

Defending Razorback Football, Mike Irwin Takes Down “Idiotic” Opinion of SEC Media Personality

A Tennessee sports personality becomes the latest target for Razorback analyst Mike Irwin's infamous wrath.

4 Reasons Arkansas and Tennessee Football Should Have Opposed SEC Expansion

The Arkansas and Tennessee football program should have voted against Texas' entry into the SEC for similar reasons.

Wally Hall Brings Up “Unwritten Gentleman’s Agreement” that Would Bar Texas from Joining SEC

There were no smoke-filled backrooms and clinking of whisky glasses in the gentlemen's agreement from a decade ago that some SEC football fans still...

A Warning for Oklahoma and Texas as They Prepare to Enter the SEC

Houston Nutt firsthand knows the kind of pain in store for traditionally arrogant Texas and Oklahoma football programs.

Greg Sankey Makes Admission around SEC Refs Botching Arkansas-Auburn Football Game

The SEC commissioner details what went wrong when SEC referees blew the Arkansas-Auburn football game in 2020.

Arkansas Football a Big Loser in SEC Expansion

The Arkansas football program stands to lose a lot more than it would gain in SEC expansion with Oklahoma and Texas.
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