Eliah Drinkwitz’s “Cheap Shot” vs Hogs Keeps Stirring the Pot All these Months Later

Drinkwitz doesn't mind jabbing the Hogs heading into Arkansas vs Missouri, but his tone changes when it comes to Sam Pittman.


The Most Intriguing Game on the Arkansas Basketball Non-Conference Schedule in 2021-22

In terms of coach-speak and what is technically correct, every game on the Razorbacks' early schedule this season matters. Yes, a loss against Elon...

Top 10 Most Passionate Arkansas Football Coaches of All Time

In leading the Razorbacks to their first bowl-eligible season in five years, only two seasons after the smoldering wreckage of Chad Morris' last season...

For First Time in Decades, the Razorbacks Football Head Coach Has Earned the Support of Entire State

The Razorbacks' big win against Mississippi State does a lot more than make Arkansas bowl-eligible for the first time since 2016.

Arkansas Media Has Field Day Taking Potshots at Longhorns for Pole Assassin’s “Monkeygate”

It's been a few days since "Monkeygate," the surreal Halloween night story centering on an alleged bite of a pet monkey owned by a...

Top 7 Arkansas Natives Who Have Made a Mockery of their Recruiting Rankings from High School

Grant Morgan and Hayden Henry lead a group of Arkansas natives who have far surpassed what was expected of them based on recruiting rankings.

By Keeping Nick Smith Jr Eligible at NLRHS, Two School Districts Saved More than a Senior Season

A controversy surrounding the eligibility of Arkansas basketball commit Nick Smith Jr. had wide-ranging ramifications.

Razorback News

“They Aren’t Even Trying to Hide the Crap Today” – Otis Kirk on SEC Refs in Arkansas-Alabama

The referees did everything in their power to stymie the Razorbacks' offense in the first half of Arkansas-Alabama.

Cam Little’s Sportsmanship Sorely Needed in Today’s Divided Society

The Razorbacks kicker did something that would have made some in previous generations puke. It's a welcome change.

Around the SEC

New Details Emerge about What Kept Mike Leach from Becoming Arkansas’ Football Coach (Twice)

During an interview with Mike Leach, Hunter Yurachek apparently balked at the contract terms that Leach sought.

Clint Stoerner: “Low-ceiling” Bo Nix Will Be Auburn’s Deciding Factor vs Razorbacks

Bo Nix isn't big-time enough to make the "wow" plays Auburn would need to beat Arkansas, the former Razorbacks quarterback says.

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“I Said the Hell With It”: Tony Vitello Details Dave Van Horn Tiff Ahead of Hogs-Vols

Tony Vitello and Dave Van Horn are trying to play nice. Expect the gloves to come off in this title bout anyway.

The Closer Hog Fans Look at Bo Nix’s Ridiculous Claim, the More Absurd It Gets

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix should learn when to speak up. His latest claim can be refuted by at least three different fanbases.