Belittled by Preseason Poll, Razorbacks’ 2022 Starting Lineup Will Still Pack Big-Time Talent

The Arkansas baseball program brings aboard a lot of new firepower in 2022. Here's how they are projected to mesh with the returnees.

What to Expect from the 2022 Arkansas Baseball Team (Updated)

A slew of top recruits and star transfers will make Arkansas baseball a Top 10 program. But is it enough to offset the losses of All-Americans like Kevin Kopps?

What to Expect from Golden Spikes Winner Kevin Kopps in the Padres Organization

Golden Spikes Trophy in hand, Kevin Kopps now heads to the next chapter of his career. How will he do with the Padres?

How Much of a Shot Does Arkansas Have Against Sooners for Super Recruit Gentry Williams?

Oklahoma's top-ranked player looked like he was a lock for the Sooners or Trojans. Then a late June official visit to the UA happened.

Kevin Kopps’ All-America Team Shaft Leads to Questions about First Teamer Landon Sims

Mississippi State's Landon Sims has no business stepping in front of Kevin Kopps on this All-American team.

An Unexpected Tie between Golden Spikes Finalist Kevin Kopps and “Nacho Libre”

When it comes to a pitching routine, Kevin Kopps doesn't play around — unless it involves Jack Black's comedic masterpiece.

After Years of Raking Arkansas over the Coals, Clay Travis Pays Kevin Kopps a Helluva Tribute

Loudmouth Clay Travis took a break from insulting Hog fans' intelligence to deliver some very surprising words of praise.

Lessons from a Great Arkansas Baseball Season that Ended in Stunned Disbelief

A former Arkansas baseball player looks back at the pain of a heartbreaking loss — and lessons in the aftermath of the 2021 team's exit.

Win or Lose, Count on Charlie Welch for Postseason Juice

Charlie Welch's moon shot propelled him into a lineage of Razorback folk heroes that includes Roland Sales from the 1978 Orange Bowl.

As Expected, NC State Proving Not as Tough as Nebraska on Arkansas Baseball’s March to Omaha

Game 2 showed that NC State should not prove to be as difficult for Arkansas baseball to defeat as Nebraska was.

The Ins and Outs of What, Exactly, Makes Kevin Kopps’ Pitching So Nasty

College baseball has never seen anything like Arkansas baseball's Kevin Kopps. Here's why his pitching is so rare and special.

“I Was Kind of a Mess”: Robert Moore Opens Up About Losing Himself Before Anchoring in Faith

Early in his Arkansas baseball career, Robert Moore lost himself in the sport. But he's grown so much since then.
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