Wally Hall on Burying the Hatchet with Houston Nutt and Covering Arkansas Football

The iconic Arkansas columnist recalls the time Houston Nutt lit into him on a live sports radio show — and what resulted from that blowup.

Like “Sarah Huckabee Sanders with Testosterone,” Jake Bequette Readies to Sack John Boozman

Arkansas football great Jake Bequette's vision of a colorblind American sports history sounds good. But he's indulging a fantasy.

Paul Finebaum Takes Sporting News Editor to Task for Slighting Sam Pittman

Paul Finebaum tears apart his reasoning for putting three hugely disappointing big-name coaches ahead of Sam Pittman.

Sudden Exodus of Illinois Football Players from Bret Bielema Is Bad Look No Matter How It’s Spun

Bielema has brought over to the Illinois football program at least four former Razorbacks. He's carried something else over, too.

Arkansas Football’s Good News is Bad News for Texas Longhorns

The Steve Sarkisian era at Texas will get off to a bumpy start thanks nearly 80,000 Arkansas football fans cramming into Razorback Stadium.

The Athletic’s Vols Reporter Tells Hog Fans They Should Want to Be in Big 12, Not SEC

The Athletic's Tennessee beat reporter overlooks some important points when laying out his case for Arkansas in the Big 12.

Sam Pittman on Arkansas Football: “Are We Thinking National Championship? No…”

Part of the no-B.S. attitude fans love about Sam Pittman comes through when he talks about expectations for Arkansas football in 2021.

Small-Time Heisman Winner Cole Kelley: A Survivor’s Story

Cole Kelley is only the latest former Arkansas quarterback whose career took flight after leaving Chad Morris.

Dallas Morning News: Arkansas vs Texas Should Be “Walk in the Park” for Longhorns on Sept. 11

The paper should know Arkansas fans hate Texas more than Texas A&M fans do, which is going to make life living hell for the Longhorns.

Gus Malzahn Expects Kevin Kelley Will “Light It Up” as a New College Football Coach

Gus Malzahn thinks Kevin Kelley, who aims to win a national title in Year 2, will "light it up" in FCS college football.

Bret Bielema and Sam Pittman Were Only College Coaches to Foresee Frank Ragnow as NFL’s Highest-Paid Center

The former Arkansas football standout has quite a story about why he chose the Razorbacks and the toughest time of his Lions career.

Top 10 Arkansas NFL Draft Value Picks of All Time

A breakdown of the best Arkansas NFL Draft picks who went a lot lower than they should have gone based on their production in the pros.
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