From Eric Musselman to KJ Jefferson: Analyst Just Can’t Stop Ripping Key Razorbacks

The insinuation here is if the Baylor sexual assault scandal never happened, KJ Jefferson wouldn't be nearly as good as he's become.

The Difference 18 More Pounds Can Make: Ranking Arkansas’ Tight Ends Heading into 2022

You will be surprised to see how far down the rankings former blue-chip recruit Hudson Henry has fallen for Arkansas football.

Sooner Than Later: Where Arkansas Comes in with the Stir that Gundy Made at Oklahoma

A rude awakening is in store for quite a few Sooners faithful.

Ranking the Running Backs: Hogs Freshman Rises High In Pecking Order

The coaches have been open about who the starter is, but who will emerge as the No. 2 running back for Arkansas football?

What Did the Titans’ Treylon Burks Ever Do to NBC to Deserve This Hatchet Job?

"Fantasy" sports takes on a whole new meaning with this smear job of a report coming out of one of NBC's news services.

Don’t Forget This When Comparing Hogs Recruiting Target Kane Archer with Mitch Mustain

The conductor of the Kane Archer hype train on why a 14-year-old Arkansas recruiting target is worth the hype.

Jon Gruden Will Finally Answer Questions About Time Arkansas “Offered” Him Head Coach Job

A deeper look at what could have been if Jon Gruden had gone further with the proposal he received from Jeff Long in 2012.

Arkansas’ Tight End Resurgence Softens Blow of Most Recent Bad News

Once the thinnest position on the Arkansas football roster, the Razorbacks are now better equipped to handle tough news at tight end.

A Letter to the Tennessee Titans Fans Who Dared Bash Burks

Titans fans need to learn that Treylon Burks' NFL career seems to be taking a similar path as his time at Arkansas.

KJ Jefferson’s Unusual Remark Shows He Can Stiff-arm Tradition Just as Well as Defenders

The goal for Arkansas football in 2022 is clear, but won't be easy. Would coming up short constitute a failure, though?

It’s OK to Question Jimbo Fisher’s Motives Behind Wanting Arkansas as a Permanent Opponent

Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M may want Arkansas football now, but Sam Pittman is quickly changing the Razorbacks' perception in the SEC.

Snub City: 5 Hogs Most Likely to Prove Annual Preseason All-SEC Team Wrong

Arkansas football is no stranger to snubs. Even in an "up" year, the 2022 preseason All-SEC teams are just another example.
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