Whether He Sits or Plays in Outback Bowl, Treylon Burks’ Ranking Among Greatest Razorback Receivers is Secure

Going into the 2021 season, two things needed to happen for Treylon Burks to be considered the greatest Razorbacks receiver ever.

What Arkansas Football Could Gain (and Lose) from the Oklahoma Sooners’ Implosion

Jadon Haselwood is the most highly rated transfer Arkansas has ever gotten. What other ex Sooners could join him in Fayetteville?

Mike Woods Shows Razorbacks Love After Season Making His Sooners Transfer Look Like a Bad Decision

Given what has happened with the Sooners and Razorbacks since Mike Woods' decision, Hog fans should actually be thankful he left.

KJ Jefferson’s Biggest Weakness of 2021 a Far Cry from What It Could Be in 2022

In time, KJ Jefferson overcame his biggest shortcoming in 2021. His biggest challenge of 2022 will be different.

(UPDATED AGAIN) Ranking Arkansas Football’s Likely Bowl Game Opponents from Least to Most Desirable

If the Arkansas football program wants to enter 2022 ranked in the Top 15, here's the team the Hogs need to beat in a bowl game.

For Sake of Better Bowling, Every Razorback Fan Should Cheer on Louisville Football this Weekend

It's time to put aside Louisville football's past with Bobby Petrino. The Cardinals hold the key to a better bowl game for the Hogs.

If You Thought Cam Little’s Griddy Dance Was Something, Get a Load of This Hogs Fan

Looks like Razorback hero Cam Little may have some competition for best Arkansas football dance of the weekend.

Jim Harris’ Keys to Hogs Win in Arkansas vs LSU are Sneaky Simple

For the Razorbacks to beat LSU on the road, they will need to do something that hasn't been easy all season.

Top 10 Most Passionate Arkansas Football Coaches of All Time

In leading the Razorbacks to their first bowl-eligible season in five years, only two seasons after the smoldering wreckage of Chad Morris' last season...

For First Time in Decades, the Razorbacks Football Head Coach Has Earned the Support of Entire State

The Razorbacks' big win against Mississippi State does a lot more than make Arkansas bowl-eligible for the first time since 2016.

Arkansas Media Has Field Day Taking Potshots at Longhorns for Pole Assassin’s “Monkeygate”

It's been a few days since "Monkeygate," the surreal Halloween night story centering on an alleged bite of a pet monkey owned by a...

Top 7 Arkansas Natives Who Have Made a Mockery of their Recruiting Rankings from High School

Grant Morgan and Hayden Henry lead a group of Arkansas natives who have far surpassed what was expected of them based on recruiting rankings.
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