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Luke Hasz Makes History, Propels Arkansas Recruiting Class to Nose-Bleed Heights (Updated)

Luke Hasz's committment to the Arkansas football program has made Razorbacks recruiting history on a couple of fronts.

Alabama Transfer Drew Sanders Set a Razorbacks Milestone for Recruiting Texas

Razorback football coaches have long talked the talk about recruiting elite Texans. But that's all. Drew Sanders shows that era is ending.

Razorback Insider Otis Kirk Drops Hint about Transfer Jaxon Player’s Destination

Pretty big news concerning two defensive linemen from an Arkansas football insider

Joe Foucha Says Decision to Leave Hogs for LSU Was “Easy” One

Arkansas football fans are not going to like to hear what Foucha has to say when it comes to Greg Brooks Jr., either.

When It Comes to Arkansas Football in Early Top 25 Polls, All Major Outlets Agree on Two Things

Despite transfer turmoil, the Razorbacks make a strong entrance in the first round of college football preseason Top 25 polls.

What to Know about Arkansas’ Quarterback Situation Now That It’s on Thin Ice

There's a bit of Chicken Little Syndrome in the aftermath of the craziest Arkansas football transfer week ever. But a plan emerges...

Unexpected Peace Outs from Malik Hornsby, Greg Brooks Part of 6 Critical Issues for 2022 Razorbacks

The surprising transfers of Joe Foucha, Malik Hornsby and Greg Brooks Jr. highlight one of the most pressing issues for Arkansas in 2022.

Making the Strongest Case Yet for Bumper Pool to Stay at Arkansas

The reasons for Bumper Pool to stay with the Razorbacks in 2022 include a bigger NFL salary and individual glory.

Arkansas vs Vanderbilt Preview: Time for JD Notae to Put on Superman Cape

Arkansas basketball's leading scorer JD Notae is more appreciated than ever after his absence from the Mississippi State debacle.

Penn State Football Fans Can’t Help But Give Props to Arkansas for This 5-Star Burn

The Arkansas football program shows it can overpower blueblood teams with elite talent in at least one department.

The Difference Penn State Hemorrhaging All That Star Talent Will Actually Make vs Hogs

A deep look at the X-factors that will likely determine the Outback Bowl featuring Arkansas vs Penn State.

Jalen Catalon’s Return Hints at Even Better News Coming for Arkansas Football

Here's what star safety Jalen Catalon's return to the Razorbacks should mean for Arkansas football in 2022.
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