Reader’s Choice All-time Semifinals: ’92 Parkview, ’80 West Memphis, ’99 Central, ’76 Conway

Once again, Fish is in it to win it. Photo courtesy of University of Arkansas at Little Rock

We’re down to the Final Four.

The all-time Arkansas prep basketball tourney field started with 12 teams, then shrank to eight teams. Here are the Reader’s Choice quarterfinal results:

71% of participants voted ’92 L.R. Parkview (Derek Fisher) would beat ’84 L.R. Hall (Allie Freeman)

’76 Conway (Austin Sullivan) 71% over ’04 West Memphis (Sonny Weems)

’80 West Memphis (Michael Cage) 71% over ’59 Scipio Jones (Eddie Miles)

’99 L.R. Central (Joe Johnson) 60% over ’74 Northside (Ron Brewer)

So, who makes the finals? Vote before Tuesday morning:

No one likes to cast votes willy-nilly. Be a responsible voter by reviewing these Final Four team briefs:

1991-92 Little Rock Parkview
Final Record: 35-1 (injury sidelined starter James Lindsey in only loss, to Los Angeles team)
Stars: Dion Cross(6-2), Maurice Robinson(6-7 post), Derek Fisher (6-0)
Coach: Charles Ripley
Finished ranked #4 in nation, all five starters signed with Division I teams

1998-99 Little Rock Central
Final Record: 29-3 (Joe Johnson sidelined during only in-state loss)
Stars: Joe Johnson (6-7 “point center”), Hart (6-3 forward), Mark Green (6-2 guard)
Coach: Oliver Fitzpatrick
Won four state tournament games by record-setting average of 43.5 points

1975-76 Conway
Final Record: 36-0
Stars: Lawson Pilgrim (6-5 forward), Austin Sullivan (5-9 guard), Herman Hammons (6-3 forward)
Coach: Joe Graham
Beat opponents by average of 24.6 points a game, closest margin was four points

1979-1980  West Memphis
Final Record: 30-0
Stars: Michael Cage (6-8), Keith Lee (6-9), Stanley Andrews (guard)
Coach: Bill Terwilliger
Ranked third in nation, completed another 30-0 record the next season despite losing Cage to graduation

For yet more detail, check out the SYNC magazine version of this post which involves different semifinal matchups. Here’s my take on what ’92 Parkview v. ’80 West Memphis would look like:

This one fills Verizon Arena to capacity 90 minutes before tip-off.
Parkview shoots well from the start, with Cross and Fisher combining for 25 points in the first half. On the other end, Parkview uses a tight zone to limit the damage of West Memphis’ twin towers, causing Coach Terwilliger to start popping Antacids.  Blue Devils’ sharpshooters Tim Harrell and Johnny Oliver initially struggle, but heat up to help West Memphis surge to a five-point lead with six minutes left. In the next  two minutes, Parkview’s death knell is rung when an exhausted Robinson and 6-5 teammate Jeff Hall foul out.

Go here to find out how this tourney ends

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