’92 Parkview vs. ’80 West Memphis vie for title of Greatest Prep Team in State History

This tower had a twin.

UPDATE: West Memphis wins with 67% of the vote

The people have had their say:  ’92 L.R. Parkview (Derek Fisher, Maurice Robinson) will tussle with ’80 West Memphis (Michael Cage, Keith Lee [pictured above]) for the title of best high school team in state history.

In the semifinals, 57% of participants chose ’92 L.R. Parkview over ’99 L.R. Central.

’80 West Memphis got 67% of the vote versus ’76 Conway.

With Parkview making it to the finals, this Readers’ Choice edition has already diverged  from the original SYNC magazine version, where ’99 Central clashed with West Memphis in the finals of this hypothetical tourney.

But the ball’s in your court, now. So, which juggernaut gets the all-time marbles?

1991-92 Little Rock Parkview
Final Record: 35-1 (injury sidelined starter James Lindsey in only loss, to Los Angeles team)
Stars: Dion Cross(6-2), Maurice Robinson(6-7 post), Derek Fisher (6-0)
Coach: Charles Ripley
Finished ranked #4 in nation, all five starters signed with Division I teams

1979-1980  West Memphis
Final Record: 30-0
Stars: Michael Cage (6-8), Keith Lee (6-9), Stanley Andrews (guard)
Coach: Bill Terwilliger
Ranked third in nation, completed another 30-0 record the next season despite losing Cage to graduation

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