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Razorback Basketball Best Players: All-Time 2nd Team
-Tommy Foltz This is the second in a series of columns related to the Arkansas athletic department’s request for a vote on the top five basketball players in Arkansas history. It’s hard to think of the below players being called “second teamers,” but when you look at our all-time... Read more
After Scorching World’s 2nd Most Talented B-Ball League, Joe Johnson Signs With Pistons
UPDATED Scoff, if you will, at the BIG3 basketball league’s half-court set-up, four-point shots and first-to-50 scoring rules. Its style is far from mainstream. But regardless of what you think about the barnstorming three-on-three brainchild of Ice Cube, now in its third season, there’s no denying its talent is... Read more
Joe Johnson Delivers Greatest Season In Memory of Mom
Somewhere above, Diane Johnson smiled. Her son Joe Johnson had always been one of the best in the world hitting game-winning shots, but had never before made one for a pro basketball title. . On Sunday, though, Johnson capped the greatest season in his professional career in grand fashion... Read more
Ice Cube Loves Seeing Joe Johnson Run Roughshod On His 3-on-3 League
It’s been more than two years since Joe Johnson, the former Razorback great, made major waves in the NBA. After a thrilling playoff run with Utah in 2017, he spent some time in Houston and this past season didn’t play in the League. Still, when it comes to elite... Read more
Mike Conley, Jr. Reps Razorbacks Hard Despite Buckeyes Past
Conley’s 12-year run as the greatest guard in Grizzles history has come to an end. As he helps turn Utah into an NBA Finals contender, he also helps the Razorbacks brand nationwide. Mike Conley, Jr. has accomplished a lot so far in his 12-year career. He’s the all-time leading... Read more
Will the Rockets Need Joe Johnson During the 2018 Playoffs?
Against Golden State, There is One Matchup In Which He Could Be Deployed On February 8, a Utah father — known in the Twittersphere simply as “Kerwin” — informed his daughter they would go to a Jazz game the next day. The five year old’s face brightened. Then he... Read more
Joe Johnson’s All-Time Top 20 NBA Razorback Rankings
Among NBA Razorbacks, Johnson now ranks No. 1 in points, rebounds and assists   This post means I am officially an old, old man. In the late 1990s, Joe Johnson and I attended LR Central High School together. As a ridiculously fluid, skilled 6’6″ “point center,” he had “future pro”... Read more
In few realms does the state of Arkansas travel the Middle Way. In politics, we’re among the reddest of the red. In education, we’re near the bottom of nearly all national metrics. Income stats, too. It’s hardly a long shot to say Arkansans don’t do moderation well. Except when it comes... Read more