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Just like the 2019 NCAA Tournament that the Razorback soccer team completed, the first matches of the Spanish Super Cup saw a fierce fight — an intense, entertaining match between Barcelona and Atletico. When betting on sports, don’t forget about the lowest affiliate commission in the internet from 1xBet. Thanks to this, nothing will stop you from making more money, taking full advantage of the excellent bookmaker’s offers.

The Hogs won their first SEC title and secured a No. 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament — their highest seeding ever. They lost in the second round to NC State, but are on their way to becoming a prestigious program.

In European soccer, the men from Barcelona are already there. Their match with Atletico began with dangerous attacks and spectacular moments, but in general the first half was pretty boring. Given the disposition of the Mattress-Makers towards defense, a goalless draw is among the popular results, which the fans were afraid of. They wanted a spectacular game so badly.

However, in the second half, the mood of the teams became better. Just seconds in, Koke scored against Barcelona. The Spaniard entered the football field during the break but didn’t finish the match and was replaced with Diego Simeone due to injury. Barcelona continued its attack and quickly recouped. The magnificent Lionel Messi evened the score and called on the team to fight on.

You can bet with the lowest affiliate commission in the internet from 1xBet, which allows you not to waste money and increase your betting funds. Less than 10 minutes after the goal, Messi disappointed the Mattresses-Makers again, but the judge cancelled the goal due to the information from VAR. Then, a minute later, a beautiful attack by the Catalans was completed by the former Atletico player, Antoine Griezmann.

There was another canceled goal for the minimum offside, because of Arturo Vidal’s beard, and the Catalans, somewhat disappointed, began to let dangerous attacks to their goal. 

This led to two more goals scored by Morata and Correa, and therefore Atletico gained an important victory thanks to its strong will.

Second semifinal between Real and Valencia

In another confrontation, Real Madrid was considered a clear favorite, but Valencia also likes to disappoint strong rivals. However, there was no sensation in this match, and the Royal Club more than confidently beat the Bats. The score could be greater than the final 3:1. The best moments of the game included:

  1. Goal scored by Tony Kroos with a direct shot from the corner – the German felt the situation and quickly took advantage of the goalkeeper’s mistake, who went far to the defender.
  2. An excellent team game of Real Madrid – it used unusual tactics without wingers, and Zidane’s idea exceeded all expectations.
  3. Luka Modric – the Croatian, as always, plays against strong clubs at a high level. This match was no exception as he managed to score a beautiful goal.

Valencia performance was plain, and for a long time the team couldn’t hit the target, which showed its poor preparation for the match. However, one cannot fail to note the well-coordinated game of Real Madrid.

Barcelona has already proven itself as a premier team, while he Razorbacks haven’t yet broken through in the postseason despite an historic 2019 in the regular season.

Perhaps 2020 will, at last, be the Hogs’ time.

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