Link to Friday’s Pualski Academy vs Chaminade game in first Arkansas/California showdown

UPDATE: Two late fourth-quarter turnovers doomed PA, leading to a 49-39 loss. Massively entertaining game to watch, though.

Central Arkansas prep powerhouse Pulaski Academy files to California to take on LA-area powerhouse weChaminade on Friday. By my cursory recon, this is the first time an Arkansas prep football team has played a California prep football team. It will be streamed live at 10 p.m. on Friday, August 31 here.

Curious as to the farthest an Arkansas prep team has traveled for football before this game? My evidence points to Springdale High, which lost 3-49 to an Ohio team in 2006, and Little Rock Central, which played quite a few Kentucky teams in the 1950s.

PS – Just saw this on PA’s Twitter feed: PA/Chaminade game watch party tonight at 10pm at Jim’s Razorback Pizza.  16101 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, Arkansas 72223-4565

PSS – Local prep football guru Robert Yates has led me down the path to enlightenment. He recalls in 1991, Springdale High traveled to Hawaii, where it lost to St. Louis Honolulu 14-27. That trip sets the mark for the farthest an Arky team has ventured out of its own backyard.

It’s a record that should last some time, I imagine, until something like this happens.

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