Knile Davis, Cobi Hamilton on ULM commemorative T-shirts

“Salt, Meet Wound” read one headline in the wake of this T-shirt’s release. Two top Hogs aren’t exactly grimacing, though.

I sat down with Arkansas wide receiver Cobi Hamilton and running back Knile Davis earlier this week.

Toward the end of our conversations, I got their take on the T-shirts the University of Louisiana at Monroe produced in the wake of last week’s upset win against Arkansas.

Neither Razorback star had paid much mind to ULM’s opportunistic apparel, which had students lining up for purchase more than five hours before it hit campus bookstore shelves. Indeed, Davis didn’t know about the garb before I told him.

“It’s good for them,” the junior said. “It’s a good win. After the game, I was probably one of the only persons that shook their hands because that was a job well done on their part. That’s bad on our part. It’s a good thing for their program. I’m happy they got their win and now it’s our time to try to go upset someone.”

Hamilton was focused on the task at hand: Beating No. 1. Alabama on Saturday.  He stressed far fewer people would care about ULM’s upset – “something no one would ever believe in 100 years” – if it were overshadowed on Saturday by an upset of greater national implications. “We beat Bama this week, they kinda burn that shirt.”


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