Only known remaining image of the store in which Jerry Jones grew up

Long before Jerry Jones descended on Arlington, Texas to construct the world’s largest domed structure, he perched himself at the front of his father’s super market, and carved holes in watermelons to expose their ripeness for customers.

No matter how rich the Dallas Cowboys owner becomes, his past will always be firmly affixed to the blue-collar neighborhood of Rose City in North Little Rock, as I write in this week’s Sync magazine.

In that piece, I wasn’t able to go too deeply into the history of the community, which was formally annexed into NLR in 1946. But this space affords me a sort of epilogue, which I’ll use on the following images sent to me by Cary Bradburn of the North Little Rock History Commission.

The first two deal with the sudden demise of Jerry’s dad’s super market, which burst into flames one January night in 1958.

Bradburn said this the only remaining known image of where Jerry Jones spent much of his childhood, building the foundation of his renowned work ethic
The cause was never determined, although Pat Jones felt it was faulty wiring. Damage was estimated to be between $250,000 and $300,000. Insurance covered all but $40,000.


The language in this article certainly reflects another era. The socially active Armenita Jones might have been well known around town, but it's unlikely her first name was. Five times in this piece, she's called "Mrs. Pat" or "Mrs. Jones."
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