As Archie Goodwin Plays Poorly; Big Blue Nation’s Face Gets Even Bluer

Little Rock native Archie Goodwin, two-time Arkansas high school player of the year and projected lottery pick, isn’t playing so well during his season of pro apprenticeship at Kentucky.

Indeed, last night he likely had the worst game of his career to date, shooting 2 for 12 for 7 points while turning it over three times. By the time the dust cleared, Kentucky had lost to Alabama 59-55 on Tuesday night and the 18-year-old, unfairly or not, received much of the blame as Big Blue Nation turned red-faced.

Below is the ugly underbelly of all the attention and celebrity afforded the modern high profile college athlete.  You’ll find a few messages of support among enough flak to down a Stealth Bomber:

  1. Why didn’t Archie just straight up tell Cal at the recruitment meeting that his last name was an ironic joke? #goodwin #psh

  2. Archie Goodwin is like Russell Westbrook on his bad day if you blind folded him as well.

  3. I hear that when Archie Goodwin is asked to sign a basketball he keeps it for himself… That’s a lie… Who would ask him to sign anything?

  4. Been sayin it RT @KySportsRadio: Archie Goodwin has Tourette’s and a vagina.

  5. It’s official, Archie Goodwin is my least favorite UK player ever. That honor was previously held by Saul Smith.

  6. Archie Goodwin is a very good player. He goes to the rim strong, but, finishes weak sometimes. Once he learns to stay strong…wow. #BBN



    1. In what Calipari said would be a “guard’s game,” Ryan Harrow and Archie Goodwin combined for 13 points on 5-24 shooting, 4 assists, 4 TOs.

    2. I wonder if Archie Goodwin had issues with “sharing” as a youngster? Is he an only child? #ThingsToPonderAtNight

    3. LMAO! RT @johnblack: On behalf of Archie Goodwin, I’m officially petitioning the @NCAA to allow half-and-done players.

    4. @erica_sears: Chill, Archie Goodwin is EIGHTEEN years old. He’s a BABY. He has maturing to do &PLENTY of time to do it.Cut him some slack.”

    5. On behalf of Archie Goodwin, I’m officially petitioning the @NCAA to allow half-and-done players.

    6. Archie Goodwin’s me-first-for-NBA-scouts attitude is infecting the team. #BBN

    7. I love Archie Goodwin. And all of you can suck it

    8. Archie Goodwin is the sole reason we lost this game. Is the most selfish player I have ever seen

    9. Archie Goodwin is the most selfish basketball player I have ever seen. Calipari should refuse to play him. #BBN

    10. Archie Goodwin when he was PG — 19 pts / 4.4 asts. Since switch to SG — 12.8 / 2.9 asts #BBN

    11. Come on guys Archie Goodwin is a 18 year old kid trying to play like a senior. People have bad games. As a fan base lets support him!!#BBN

    12. @SaraE_Robinson Archie Goodwin was a McDonalds All American? I think he was on the dollar menu apparently. #DollarHollar@KySportsRadio

    13. My patience is wearing thin for Archie Goodwin. Something has got to give. #hatelosing #outofcontrol

    14. Starting a petition to bench Archie Goodwin. Who’s with me!?@JohnSword @jammin_jamey

    15. I feel like this loss was more on Harrow than Goodwin. I thought Archie was having a pretty good game minus some turnovers the first 35 min.

    16. Somebody needs to bring Archie Goodwin back down to earth smh. We will be lucky to make the NIT. We always have next year tho lol#BBN

    17. I hope none of the players from Kentucky enter the draft. They not ready. I really like Archie Goodwin but he need some more time

    18. lol archie badwin is trending. i mean goodwin.

    19. Archie Goodwin Field Goals Made-2 Archie Goodwin Facial Expressions-1

    20. Im not one to blame a game on one guy but Archie Goodwin is a flat out cancer to this basketball team…. #passtherock

    21. I wish Archie Goodwin would’ve went to Louisville. I’d rather have Justin Bieber playing the 2 spot.

    22. Archie Goodwin just jumped Bieber as number one on my Most Likely To Receive A Stone Cold Stunner Next Time I See You list.

    23. I really want to like Archie Goodwin. I want to find the good in him, but I just can’t find it.

    24. Archie Goodwin is like a five tool baseball player that continues to hit below .200.

    25. Archie Goodwin is a cancer to our team. Selfish and plays out of control.

    26. I trust Archie Goodwin with the basketball as much as I trust Manti Te’o with my eHarmony account.

    27. Archie Goodwin may just be the most hated UK player I’ve seen in years

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