Things To Consider When Buying Catchers Bags

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Sports have always been touted as beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. Especially when one’s mental health depends figuring out a way to deal with the kind of losing the Razorback football team experienced in 2018 and 2019. When times were low for Hog fans, though, baseball was there. It’s not just a great pastime, but also a rewarding sports activity children and pig snout hat-wearing adults can enjoy.

Through the decades, Arkansas Razorbacks have enjoyed immense success with the help of stars like Heston Kjerstad, Andrew Benintendi, Jeff King, Kevin McReynolds, and James McCann. These are the collegiate sports heroes Arkansan youth have learned to love baseball by watching.

They have also learned that to excel in baseball, you must be passionate about the sport. That doesn’t just mean practicing and training hard. It means caring about the little things, like properly maintaining equipment like the baseball cap, batting helmet, catcher’s helmet, bat, gloves, catcher’s mitt and baseball cleats. Keeping your baseball gear in proper condition can be a challenge without a sturdy catcher’s bag. Here are other reasons to invest in top-quality baseball (and softball) bags:

  • Carry your gear conveniently: The right baseball bag allows you to transport all your equipment in one easy-to-carry container. You can choose the type of catcher’s bag that best suits your taste and preferences.
  • Organize your equipment strategically: Since these bags offer great convenience with special pockets and compartments to store the items
  • Create a professional image: Appearances matter. Even if your game is still a work in progress, a quality and sturdy-looking catcher’s bag helps others take you seriously. 

Baseball equipment bags are essential accessories in every baseball player’s sports gear. The right bag allows you to transport all your baseball gear from your home to the field, and vice versa. Here’s how you can choose the best catchers bag to suit your needs:

What To Consider When Choosing A Catchers Bag

Purchasing the best catcher’s bag doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just follow these pointers:

  1. Carve Out a Reasonable Budget

Baseball bags don’t come cheap, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find something that’ll suit your budget. It’s possible to go “whole hog” on investing in a costly, expensive catcher’s bag but don’t forget there’s an assortment of reasonably priced ones too.

When considering buying a baseball bag, don’t forget to also save money for other essential equipment. So choose a bag that’ll keep you from breaking the bank. 

If your budget is limited, try researching reasonably-priced catcher’s bags with good reviews.

Size Matters

All Bobby Portis needed to grow from a Little Rock native to a Razorback basketball legend and NBA player was a basketball, a hoop and a few opponents to crush with his behemoth size and skill. Baseball is different. It’s take a lot more gear and equipment to succeed in this sport. 

Don’t forget that the right-sized catcher’s bag should not only be comfortable to carry, but it should also have sufficient padding to prevent injuries while carrying gear. Accidents, after all, can happen when you use an unsuitable bag. Also check to see whether it has sturdy straps, sufficient padding and is convertible to a backpack.

  1. A Space For Everything

Baseball players should always keep track of their gear. Imagine how inconvenient it’ll be to find out that you don’t have your gloves with you or you left your batting helmet at the locker room after practice. You would likely feel the same as former Arkansas football coach Chad Morris felt in Fayetteville, when he realized he had left his football head coaching acumen back at a Texas high school.

So, choose a catcher’s bag with a compartment for (almost) everything, since it can prevent you from forgetting important items in your arsenal. 

A suitable catcher’s bag allows you to attach add-on pouches for extra storage for dirty shoes or water bottles.

  1. Invest In Quality

While size and number of compartments are part of the equation when paying for quality, make sure to check the inside and outside of the bag. The zippers should be fluid when closing or opening them. 

Since you’ll likely be playing outdoors, the bag should have sufficient insulation to keep your stuff dry all the time. The bag’s stitching should also withstand the weight of your items. 


Whether you’re a professional baseball player or playing for your high school, a catcher’s bag is an essential part of your baseball career. Just as Chad Morris found it was difficult to manage SEC coaching without the proper ability, so is sports equipment difficult to manage without a good bag that’s designed to carry it.

In case you don’t get the point yet, let me crack you over the head with it: A quality catcher’s bag will help you organize and keep track of your gear conveniently and properly while allowing you to comfortably transport your gear from your home to the baseball field. Keep the above factors in mind when choosing a catcher’s bag.

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