Jake Bequette discusses Oden’s dismissal, Willy Robinson’s agility, the Ohio State loss

Below is the Sync magazine feature article I wrote on Jake Bequette this week.

If he weren’t so savagely fast, slow and steady would describe Razorback Jake Bequette almost to a tee.

It’s been that way from the beginning for the meticulous All-SEC defensive end. Since before the beginning, really.

By now, your average Arkansas football fan can just as readily spout the Bequette lineage as most any bloodline lifted from the book of Genesis.

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It appears that Bequette is clearly the best football player Catholic has produced in decades. But he also grew up in the Heights, right outside Cammack Village, like me. I’m guessing he’s probably the best athlete the Heights neighborhood has ever produced.
I’m interested to hear what Little Rock people have to say about this..

Also, some bonus material. Bequette is glad the Razorbacks played the entire Ohio State squad in the 2011 Sugar Bowl, despite Tatoogate.

We wanted to play their best players, and we’re glad they did. Whatever exception was made, I’m glad it was made because we wanted to play their best.

In the ensuing months, Ohio State’s head coach has been fired and their wins from last season wiped off the record books. While the Buckeyes lost their Sugar Bowl “W”, the Hogs must keep their “L.”

Honestly, I don’t think it mattered. People can write what they want in the record
books. I’m always going to remember that game for what it was. It was a great game
against their best players. we came up short, unfortunately. But it was a great experience
for our team.

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