When Bobby Knight & Abe Lemmons Roasted Eddie Sutton

bobby knight

You don’t see Bobby Knight wearing a Texas Longhorn brooch every day.

The above image of the iconic college basketball coach comes from a roasting he gave former Arkansas head coach in Little Rock. Based on pure wig frizziness factor alone, it looks like these three were having a real swell time.

If you actually attended this roasting in the early 1980s, please chime in with your memories below.

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Vintage Hawgball

Vintage Hawgball

  • The source is a 104-page treasure trove of vintage photos and hokey, homespun commentary called “A Tribute to Eddie Sutton.” Likely the public university itself made it, but that’s not known for sure. Nobody bothered to name an author, date, ISBN or any other critical information. Like a siren it called to me yesterday from its shelf in the Arkansas history section of  the Dickson Street Bookstore. I could not resist.
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  1. I have this book! I bought it and had it signed by Coach Sutton at Dillard’s in North Little Rock, probably in 1983 or 1984. I remember I bought it on the same day it was announced that Arkansas would add an upper deck to the west side of Razorback Stadium, which opened in 1985.

  2. Love that story, Mike! Do you know if any other such “special edition” yearbooks were made? Perhaps a Lou Holtz one?

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