What happened to Dakota Mosley?

Where did this former Auburn football player go?

Without doubt, Auburn running back Michael Dyer is the most famous  graduate of Little Rock Christian Academy.

That connection will be mentioned ad nauseum this week considering the Little Rock native’s importance in the Arkansas-Auburn game on Saturday night.

But Dyer hasn’t been the only Auburn Tiger and Little Rock Christian alum making headlines in recent months.

In March, Auburn freshman Dakota Mosley was kicked off the college national championship team with three Auburn teammates after arrests on charges of robbery, theft and burglary in an alleged holdup of other college students.

According to victims’ reports, those three other Auburn teammates stormed into a trailer park residence and took cell phones and a safe at gunpoint. A short while later, police found Mosley, along with the three teammates, in a car from which they recovered a handgun, an air gun and the stolen property.

Each of the four ex-players was charged  with first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and third-degree theft of property in connection with the alleged robbery.

They are scheduled to go on trial during a three-week criminal session in Alabama beginning Oct. 31.

In all this tumult, not much had been written about how Dyer felt about one of his best friends going through such an ordeal. While interviewing Dyer’s uncle Andre Dyer for an article about torn loyalties, I found out that he’s close to Mosley’s dad. He told me Dakota Mosley is currently in a junior college in California. “He’s doing really well,” Andre Dyer said. “He’s really straightened his life out a lot. Everything is going really well with him. I’m proud of him.”

How has Michael reacted to Dakota’s absence?

“He really misses his friend, his good friend, his dear friend. That one person who’s always been there for him through thick and thin. He misses that person beside him.”

Mosley’s friendship was “a lot of the whole recruiting process… and the whole process of being a freshman in a big place, and to know that that’s gone? It does get to him. They try to stay in contact as often as they are permitted to do so.”

(UPDATE: Evan Woodbery of al.com gives a detailed update on Mosley and the other three former players here)

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