Houston Nutt Feels “Sorry A Little Bit” for Pittman after Petrino Hire for Good Reason

Look past the splashiness of the Bobby Petrino hire. This move offers much risk but little reward for Arkansas football.

It would be bad enough if Arkansas was rolling the dice on Bobby Petrino at the height of his game.

At least then setting their standards aside and swallowing their pride may pay off on the field in the form of copious amounts of yards, points, fantastic offensive recruits and the wins that come along with all that.

But, no, Arkansas brass is re-hiring an employee who lied, cheated and helped plunge the football program into the depths of despair. As if that wasn’t enough, the guy’s skills seem to have diminished.

Western Kentucky took a chance on Petrino and after leading them to an 8-4 season, but he promptly bolted to Louisville, where he had coached previously. There was no loyalty or commitment toward the folks who in Bowling Green, Ky. rolled the dice on him.

Issues with Bobby Petrino after Arkansas

Petrino did have a mostly good second run with the Cardinals and part of it had to do with landing potential NFL Hall Fame QB Lamar Jackson.

The Cardinals were 9-4, 8-5, 9-4 and 8-5 the first four years he was there. However, the wheels fell off in 2018 when Louisville finished 2-8 and 0-7 in the league. He was fired after that season.

Knowing Bobby Petrino’s history of backstabbing, Pittman should be at least a little nervous. Sure, they looked chummy enough seated together in Bud Walton Arena, but it would also easy to assume that this wasn’t his idea.

Houston Nutt Knows the Deal

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