First glimpse of new era in Arkansas Razorbacks basketball

Below are video highlights from the Razorback basketball’s Primetime at the Palace preseason intrasquad scrimmage. I have more video from the event (Hot Shot contest, dunk contest and scrimmage highlights) on my YouTube channel.

1. Freshman Devonta Abron is pretty agile, and isn’t shy about showing it off. It’ll be interesting to see if he tries to do a different dance during each pregame introduction, assuming he’s a starter. He’ll have to play pretty well  for the coaches to let him do this during the regular season!

Below is the expanded video from an earlier post.

The Red beat the White team 44-37 in event’s “game,” which lasted only one half. Here’s the box score.

In case you’re trying to figure out who’s who among the new players in the  videos, check out this roster, which includes heights:


00 Rashad Madden 6-5

01 Mardracus Wade 6-2

04 Devonta Abron 6-8

22 Marvell Waithe 6-9

23 Julysses Nobles 6-1

03 Rickey Scott 6-3

05 Charlie Henderson 1-2


03 Rickey Scott (played 14 of his 16 minutes for this team. hey, the man in versatile)

11 BJ Young 6-3

20 Kikko Haydar 5-10

21 Hunter Mickelson 6-10

33 Marshawn Powell 6-7

01 Mardracus Wade 6-2 (played 5 of his 21 minutes on this team)

14 Davion Spivey 6-2

15 Matt Thompson 6-4

Also, here are a bunch of sweet dunks and an interview:

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