Ty Storey On Getting His Clock Cleaned Against Ole Miss

Ty Storey

Razorback quarterback Ty Storey explains what it was like to sustain the first head injury of his career. 


Hogs quarterback Ty Storey had never suffered a head injury before a 37-33 loss to Ole Miss. It wasn’t like he was exactly trying to avoid one when in the second half instead of sliding he stayed upright and allowed an Ole Miss defender to napalm him.  “I got hit, heard a bell definitely,” Storey recently said. “I got over there [to the sideline] and I guess it was adrenaline or something, but I told them I felt really good, I felt normal. Then it just kinda hit me all at once. I guess the adrenaline wore out.”

He added: “I was pretty out of it, to be honest. It was definitely a weird feeling.”

We’re talkin’ concussion, folks. It took a full eight days for Storey to clear the concussion protocol and once again be deemed ready for game time action. He’s back and, apparently, has learned some lessons.

On whether he’d do the same thing again:

You still got to get first downs, man (smiling). I would probably pick a better move. That was not a very good move. I kind of jumped in there and let him toss me a little bit.

On whether he would slide if it’s first past marker: 

Definitely, if it’s past the first down marker, you go down. That’s what they teach us.

On Connor Noland, who started in his place  in a win against Tulsa:

“He did great. For a freshman to step in like that and keep his composure. It was pretty impressive to see him do that.”

On the progress of Arkansas’ tight ends:

“They’ve done great. C.J.’s stepping up great and then Cantrell keeps doing his thing. He does kinda all of the dirty work. Grayson [Gunter] gets in there and does his thing, too. It’s good to see those guys rotate in and play the best I’ve ever seen them play.”

Ty Storey’s overall take on the Razorbacks’ offense:

“I definitely feel like we keep getting better as an offense. I feel as confident as I ever have. I think the guys around me are confident, too. We’re playing good ball and we got to keep building off that.”

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On the upcoming Arkansas-Vanderbilt game, to kick off at 11 am:

“They do a lot of different stuff, they throw a lot of different looks at you. Obviously very smart guys and they got some really good players over there. Every game’s important for us. We got to go in just like it’s our Super Bowl.”

On what he thinks about 11 am games:

“I like it. I like to get up [at 6:15 am] and just play. It’s fun to not have to wait around all day and watch other teams play.”


Here’s more from Chad Morris about the Arkansas-Vandy game:

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