Top 7 Tips: Practice with Backyard Soccer Goals And More

backyard soccer goals

Soccer is a fast-paced sport that requires constant practice. Top-notch college teams like the Arkansas Razorbacks invest hours and years in training for the skill needed to excel. 

Practice, after all, equals perfect.

Here’s how to go about practicing soccer in your backyard:

1. Get Traffic Cones

You need to get traffic cones arranged in your chosen spot in your backyard. These trafficking cones will help you acquire specific skills that revolve around ball control and dribbling. 

For easy maneuvering, arrange the cones by spacing them at regular intermittent intervals. You will then dribble through the spaces in between the cones to acquire some dribbling skills. 

Also, the small sizes of the cone make them ideal as pass targets. So you can use them for targets when practicing how to make a neat pass.

2. Install Soccer Boundary Walls

Walls help you practice power kicks, so the best way you can make your backyard suitable for power kicks is to install soccer walls around your garden as a training perimeter. You can either install the soccer wall yourself or buy it as a moveable set.

With this wall, you can even practice soccer rebounders – kicking the ball against the walls for special effects. This will help you train to make powerful kicks.

3. Get Yourself an Opposing “Team

Elite competitors know that the best to train for an opponent is to install opponent-like obstacles into practice.  

One way to get this opposition in your backyard field is to arrange kick breakers that’ll stop your power kicks in intermittent locations on your training ground. 

The kick breakers can be tires, tree stumps, blocks, or even wagons. What is essential is that they are arranged in their appropriate positions. You can also use them as target practices. 

4. Install Soccer Goals

Without goals, a sport like soccer, is an exercise in futility. The Arkansas Razorback soccer team would have never beaten a No. 1 team for the first time in program history, nor won the 2019 SEC regular season championship, had they not practiced plenty using soccer goals.

You’ll need to install soccer goals in your backyard to measure your progress. With fixed soccer goals, you’ll get to have enough backyard soccer goals that’ll thrill you and propel the champion in you. 

The good news is that soccer goals come in various sizes that can suit whatever type of backyard you have. And if you don’t yet have enough space in a wooded backyard, just go to to find the right experts to clear out the area for you.

5. Get Soccer Mannequins

You’ll also need a soccer mannequin to practice free kicks. They come in horizontal shapes fitted into a frame. You should hold them in an upright position when you place them on the ground. 

You can put them in front of your soccer goal (net) while trying to hit the ball with a powerful kick. If  you can’t afford to buy a mannequin, you can use your soccer wall for this, too.

6. Build a Mini Soccer Pitch

Soccer is officially played on a field — also called a pitch if you want to be all fancy and European-ish. Pitch lines showing the boundaries of the play. If you can afford it, it’ll be a good thing to get a pitch builder to build you a measured mini-pitch in your backyard.

They achieve this by putting a patch of turf showing lines that you would use for practice. This will give you the feeling of being a professional while practicing.  

7. Landscape Your Backyard

If you have a backyard with irregular terrain, it might be challenging to practice soccer in such places. Playing in such a pitch can even get you injured. So, before playing soccer there, it’s advisable that you do mini landscaping for your backyard.

Landscaping your backyard might involve planting green carpet grass, or leveling some part of the yard that’ll be used as the pitch. You may also have to buy green paint to color the area green, giving the feeling of a soccer field.

Or, better yet, throw in a splash of cardinal red and call those Hogs while doing it.

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