Sizing Up North Little Rock Against Longview

Kenny Howard (foreground) wants to deliver NLR’s first state title since 1972.

 They say in Texas everything is bigger, at all levels, all the time. That the highways are more clogged with more F-150s than anywhere on the planet. That under those wide open skies are arteries are more clogged with steaks far juicier than anything grazing in Oklahoma and Nebraska. And it should never be forgotten in Austin stands a state capital building thrusting its pointy fist far higher than all other states capitals’, even the US capital.

  In no arena, though, are Texans more proud of being the biggest and baddest around than in football. Besides oil, big-time gridiron talent may their export most vital to the rest of the nation. This is a land in which Allen High School  just opened a $60 million, 18,000 person stadium, bigger than all but two Arkansas universities’ home stadia.

  No doubt the Longview Lobos will carry some Lone Star bravado into its 9,200-person home stadium when it takes on the Wildcats on Friday. Across the field, though, the Lobos find a team which it won’t be able to easily overpower. Indeed, by building what may be the biggest prep team in state history,  North Little Rock has been looking downright Texan.

Five Heaviest Players on North Little Rock

Kenny Howard, 6’3” 315 pounds, defensive tackle
Malcolm Cranford, 6’0” 310, noseguard
Gerald Watson, 6’1” 302, DT
Javian Williams, 6’2” 300, N
Mike Stewart 6’1” 295, DT

Five Heaviest Players on Longview

Regginal Robertson, 5’10” 320 pounds, offensive lineman
Cornelius Williams, 5’10”, 290
Adrian Jackson, 6’2” 280, OL
Zaycoven Henderson, 6’2” 280, OL
Kenny Andrews, 6’2” 250, OL

More on North Little Rock and Longview here. Those seeking updates on the game itself should follow Jimmy Carter and @nlrfootball.

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