In-depth Q&A Ronnie Brewer on Monks & Arkansas’ Future Recruiting
The former Razorback star discusses how the mindset of today's homegrown superstar recruits has evolved. via

The Razorback basketball program could not have tried harder to recruit Bentonville High superstar Malik Monk. On Wednesday, though, Monk announced he would go to Kentucky despite multiple Razorback ties through his brother Marcus Monk and cousin Rashad Madden. Now that he’s signed, what hope does Arkansas have of landing future five-star homegrown stars?

I discussed this topic and more with Ronnie Brewer, a friend of the Monks, in a phone interview right after he’d talked to Malik and Marcus Monk on Wednesday. Sign up below to a get a transcript of the entire  interview and to be notified of future posts – including exclusive interviews and commentary – at


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