Razorback Football Unleashes Sickest New Uniforms In Last Decade

New Razorback uniforms

Oh, yes.

Heck yes.

Today, the Razorback football program unveiled its best-looking new uniform design in more than a decade. “Bringing. That. Wood” it Tweeted in an homage to the jersey that Hogs great Darren McFadden wore after nearly single-handily destroying No. 1 LSU in three overtimes on the road in 2007.

Now that’s a bat.

For most of the years since McFadden went to the NFL as a junior after that 2007 season, the Hogs have used jerseys that didn’t shied away from highlighting the state’s name in big, bold letters.

Well, no more.

The Razorbacks are hearkening back to one of the most glorious moments in their SEC era in style.

Say “goodbye’ to this sartorial weak sauce:

This time last year, the Hogs released something they thought was hot. As you can see below, the helmet is returning to the “pearl cardinal” look:

That look pales in comparison to this new classic “D-Mac” one, however.

Another angle of the new Razorback uniform:

‘ Hittin’ that 5th gear

You know the Arkansas players are going to feel great wearing these new Razorback uniforms heading into this new season. All that’s left is for the likes of Rakeem Boyd, Trey Knox and Devwah Whaley to “bring the wood” against in a few gigantic SEC wins and create a legacy of their own.

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