Rakeem Boyd: Ranking His Career Start vs All-Time Razorback Greats

Rakeem Boyd

By Evin Demirel

Rakeem Boyd has played in only eight games as a Razorback so far. Two of his first three games were nothing to write home about — a 12 yards-performance against Eastern Illinois, and a DNP vs. North Texas.Since then, though, Rakeem Boyd might as well be re-named Rakeem Mand.

Because he’s certainly playing like one.

Check these stat lines:

vs Auburn

6 rushes for 66 yards

2 catches for 39 yards

vs Texas A&M

10 rushes for 47 yards

4 catches for 33 yards

vs Alabama 

15 rushes for 102 yards

YouTube video

5 catches for 24 yards

vs Ole Miss

7 rushes for 109 yards

2 catches for 36 yards

vs Tulsa 

22 rushes for 99 yards

3 catches for 14 yards

vs Vanderbilt 

19 rushes for 113 yards

0 catches for 0 yards 

In all, Boyd is off to one of the impressive career starts in Razorback running back history. In the SEC era, only Darren McFadden and Alex Collins racked up more running yards. Meanwhile, Boyd’s start ranks as the most prolific all-time in terms of receiving from running back.

Below are the Hogs’ most productive first-year running backs in the SEC era. 

First Eight Games Of Razorback Career 

Darren McFadden 

(as a true freshman) 

Year: 2005

Rushing Yards: 869

Rushing Attempts: 118

Rush Yards Per Attempt: 7.36 

Rushing TDs: 8 

Receiving Yards: 11

Receptions: 5

Receiving Yards Per Attempt: 2.2

Receiving TDs: 0

Most Baller Game In First Year (regular season):  190 yards on 31 attempts and 2 touchdowns at Georgia (loss)

Performance vs. LSU: 57 yards on 24 attempts and 1 touchdown  in road loss 

YouTube video

YouTube video

[Before the Alabama game in 2018, Darren McFadden met Rakeem Boyd in the Arkansas locker room. Boyd talked to me about their relationship. Read more about it in my feature for OnlyInArk.com.]

Alex Collins

(as a true freshman)

Year: 2013

Rushing Yards: 797

Rushing Attempts: 141

Rush Yards Per Attempt: 5.65

Rushing TDs: 4

Receiving Yards: 64

Receptions: 9

Receiving Yards Per Attempt: 7.1

Receiving TDs: 0

Most Baller Game In First Year (regular season): 174 yards on 24 attempts and 1 touchdown vs. Samford (win)

Performance vs. LSU: 28 yards on 11 attempts and 0 touchdowns in road loss

YouTube video

Rakeem Boyd

(as a sophomore [transferred from Texas A&M])

Year: 2018

Rushing Yards: 615 

Rushing Attempts: 94

Rush Yards Per Attempt: 6.5

Rushing TDs: 2

Receiving Yards: 154

Receptions: 18

Receiving Yards Per Attempt: 8.6

Receiving TDs: 0

Most Baller Game In First Year (regular season so far): 109 yards on 7 carries and 1 touchdown, mostly in the first half, vs. Ole Miss (loss) 

Performance vs. LSU: TBA 

Felix Jones

(true freshman)

Year: 2005

Rushing Yards: 500

Rushing Attempts: 72

Rush Yards Per Attempt: 6.9

Rushing TDs: 3

Receiving Yards: 100

Receptions: 8

Receiving Yards Per Attempt: 12.5

Receiving TDs: 0

Most Baller Game In First Year (regular season): 137 yards on 8 carries and a touchdown vs. Missouri State (win)

Performance vs. LSU: 5 yards on 4 carries at LSU (loss)

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Razorback Christmas

Cedric Cobbs

Year: 1999

Rushing Yards: 456

Rushing Attempts: 70

Rush Yards Per Attempt: 6.5

Rushing TDs: 2

Receiving Yards: 54

Receptions: 9

Receiving Yards Per Attempt: 6

Receiving TDs: 1

Most Baller Game In First Year (regular season): 107 yards on 15 carries in a thrilling win at home vs. No. 3 Tennessee (yeah, I was there)

Performance vs. LSU:  29 yards on 9 carries in a road loss 

So, what about those SWC-era Razorback backs?

I hear you loud and clear. I’ve done some number gathering on the first (varsity) years of heavy hitters like Ike Forte, Bill Burnett, Dickey Morton, Jerry Eckwood and Clyde Scott. I’m going to serve up their stats as a special exclusive for subscribers to my blog. To get that upcoming content, just sign up for my email list through the pop-up or email me at evin@bestofarkansassports.com.

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