‘Tis The Season: Most Heartwarming Razorback Christmas Posts

Razorback Christmas

A Merry Razorback Christmas to all! Here are a few social media posts to nibble on while you wait for the turkey to be served:

From Chad Morris:

From athletic director Hunter Yurachek (on the night before Christmas):

Ok, technically this one was a Retweet. I definitely see what the Razorback football program is doing here with the allusion and all, but does the whole blood red sky thing here sort of freak anybody else out? Perhaps the program could get extra mileage out of this by using it on Halloween, too…

Fortunately, Yurachek came back strong on Christmas morning with a reminder of the holiday’s real meaning:

From the hard-workin’ communications staff of the Razorback football program:

I find it somewhat interesting that Razorback Football produces a “Happy Holidays” Tweet that doesn’t directly reference Christmas. At first, I thought it had to do with repping a public university and perhaps wanting to be extra careful with the whole state/church separation thing.

But the football programs of other SEC public schools like Ole Miss and Alabama also mention “Christmas” in their Tweets. I’m thinking programs just use both interchangeably at this point. It’s easier to satisfy more people.

From offensive coordinator Joe Craddock:

On November 9, a 7 pound, 5 ounce bundle of cuteness was born unto Joe Craddock and his wife. Here’s some Instagram evidence that Joe “Cain” Craddock V has only gotten cuter since then:Joe Craddock

From former coach Bret Bielema & the Family of Super Fan Canaan Sandy:

Say what you will about Bret Bielema and his failure to take Arkansas to the heights its fans expect. But you have to acknowledge the man has a big heart, and seems to care deeply about his players and fans.

From HawgSports.com Recruiting Analyst Danny West

Thank you, Danny, for opening up and sharing this amazing, inspiring glimpse into your past. What a wonderful message, too!

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