Germany, Australia, France Have Own Bizarro Razorback Football Teams

Razorbacks abroad

In general, the Razorback fanbase and Elaine Benes don’t share many similarities.

One, after all, is a group of millions of fans faithful to Arkansas athletics while the other is a curly-haired fictional character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Seinfeld.

In one episode, however, Elaine sees two two parallel worlds run into each other right before her — one comprised of her usual friends George, Jerry and Kramer and the other filled with their bizarro counterparts: Kevin, Gene, Feldman.

Well, Hog fans, get ready for your Elaine moment.

Your beloved Arkansas Razorbacks are not the only Razorback football team out there with its own rabid fan base. There are others, not just only in America, but across the ocean.

At least six Razorback (American) football teams exist in Europe and Australia. Some co-opt the actual Arkansas Razorback logo, while others simply create their own bizarro versions.

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These non-American Razorbacks include:

1. Triangle Razorbacks (Denmark)

Here’s one former Arkansas Razorback Hjalte Froholdt, a Danish native, likely already knows about. It includes both a men’s and women’s team. The Razorbacks have been one of Denmark’s most successful teams over the past decade. Since 2006, the team has reached the Mermaid Bowl, Denmark’s championship game, 11 times, winning it seven, according to

2. Fursty Razorbacks (Germany)

“Wake the animal in you! Become a Razorback!” screams the horrifying banner graphic of the Fursty Razorbacks’ Facebook page. This program has American football clubs at all levels and even its own cheerleading program. Very likely, the children of American soldiers abroad make up some of these teams.

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Stay tuned. I’ll post about more teams soon.

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