Top 3 Reasons Clemson’s Championship Is Good News for Hogs Fans

From my latest feature article for First Security Banks’ blog:

“Chad Morris remembers those early 2011 staff meetings at Clemson like they were yesterday. Head coach Dabo Swinney had just hired him to turbo charge an offense which flailed the season before. Though Clemson had limped to a 6-7 record, Swinney still felt like he was building something special.

“Nothing happens overnight,” Morris recalled Swinney repeating in the office. “We will be the model program for all others across the country to follow.”

Morris admired Swinney’s optimism; he recently told sports radio host Josh Bertacinni. “I would just look at him and say ‘Whatever you did this morning to have that type of attitude and that kind of approach, I need to have the same thing.’”

Fast forward eight years and Swinney’s prediction has been realized. To a degree hardly anybody expected.

Last week, using an offensive system built by Morris, the Tigers crushed defending champion Alabama in the national championship game. “Little old Clemson,” as Swinney referred to the program afterward, now stands as the king of college football.

Meanwhile, after a 2-10 season, Arkansas stands as the pauper of the SEC West. Still, Morris crackles with Swinneyesque energy heading into his second season as Razorback head coach.

Morris plans to build a program here that reaches the same heights that Clemson has. Outrageous though such a vision may seem now, here are three reasons it could be realized, too:”

Reason No. 1: Programs Cut From the Same Cloth

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