Celebrity Golf Partner? John Daly Tabs Angelina Jolie For Her “Little Butt”

John Daly Angelina Jolie

Like so many other Arkansans, John Daly’s hunkered down these days. 

He takes swings around his course in the Dardanelle area, hanging with his family and watching some Tiger King — (“Those people are crazy… If you want to feel good about yourself, watch that.”),

Had the coronavirus pandemic not hit, the former Razorback and two-time major champion would be out and about. “I was going to be in Mississippi, and a week off and then Augusta.” 

Not to play, mind you. Daly hasn’t played in the Masters since 2002, but for each of the last 20 years he’s carted up an RV filled with tons of swag, driven it to a Hooters parking lot near the Augusta National Golf Club and sold a wide assortment of memorabilia, from pin flags and beanies to shirts and pants.

In 2019, the 53-year-old even signed the backside of a young woman:

Via John Daly’s Instagram and GolfChannel.com

Daly’s unapologetic red-blooded Americanism was on full display again this week when he hopped on the phone for a Buzz 103.7 FM interview.

The hosts of “The Show With No Name” started chatted about the recent proposal for a made-for-TV coronavirus relief golf fundraiser this summer that would pit Tiger Woods against Phil Mickelson, each with either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning as a teammate. 

Which led to the question: If Daly could choose a celebrity golfing partner, who would it be? 

“I’d go play with Angelina Jolie or something, man.”

“I don’t care if she can’t break a 150. I want to put her in those tight, tight Loudmouth shorts and watch her little butt walk around. Man, that would be awesome.”

Now there’s a former Razorback golfer who knows how to offend one of Hollywood’s most feminist stars and sell his favorite merch at the same time.

The Masters might have been postponed till November, but it’s clear Daly’s outspokenness is still very much in session.

No need for the fun to end now. Below are some more excerpts from Daly’s chat with David Bazzel, Tommy Smith and Roger Scott:

On whether college football and the NFL will start their 2020 seasons on time:

“I think both with will be. I think [Donald] Trump’s doing the best he can do. Unfortunately, we’ve got some people who aren’t on his side, they won’t help him. I think he’s doing a good job.”

“I wouldn’t want to be president right now, I can tell you that. This is a tough deal. And [Arkansas] Senator Tom Cotton, God bless him. He’s doing a hell of a job. 

Tom Cotton’s not a fan of China. Neither, it turns out, is John Daly.

“Well, I’ve never been a fan of China. Sorry, I’ve never trusted the government there. I’ve been over there so many times to play and you know, get paid a little bit of money to go over there. But it’s always a month to a year to get my money.” 

Daly has gotten to know all Hog football coaches through the years. How about Sam Pittman?

“I’ve talked to him a few times and he’s got that kid from Florida [Feleipe Franks] for a quarterback. He’s an offensive line coach, so hopefully we can change things around.

Any coach that comes to Arkansas, you know I’m gonna love ‘em.

How are Loudmouth sales?

We have a few different types of things. We got the skorts, the shirts and the short shorts and all that stuff for the ladies. And we got the men’s pants and shorts. 

Man, we had just signed an NHL deal, too. We had all those teams. We’re getting hurt pretty bad now. It’s a pretty tough time for us.

The Buzz 103.7 hosts: “They’re talking about masks for protection now. Are you gonna wear a mask?”

John Daly: No, I’m not gonna wear a mask.

Those sassy hosts: He can’t smoke from a mask! You can put a little hole in there — cigarette hole.

John Daly: Listen, I’ve got cigarettes and Belvedere vodka. That’s my cure.



Listen to the entire interview here:


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