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He’s flash, he’s dash, he’s sizzle, smoke and more. Joe Adams, the consummate Razorback receiver and big-play Poobah seems to have it all. The quicksilver senior accelerates into this season coming off his best year yet, punctuated by a 9-catch performance against Ohio State in January’s Sugar Bowl that... Read more
In these parts, it’s practically an annual epidemic. The ice cream has melted, and the milk’s gone sour. Yes, daddy did it again. Nearing the end of a dutiful grocery trip, he dared walk through the magazine aisle, convinced he possessed the steely resolve to sneak no more than... Read more
Below is the Sync magazine feature article I wrote on Jake Bequette this week. If he weren’t so savagely fast, slow and steady would describe Razorback Jake Bequette almost to a tee. It’s been that way from the beginning for the meticulous All-SEC defensive end. Since before the beginning,... Read more
Last season, Cleveland Brown back Peyton Hillis emerged as a national star by bulldozing his way through legions of NFL defenders. Along the way, he also smashed racial typecasts. For decades, the best NFL running backs have been black. Not that it mattered to the former Razorback: “I don’t... Read more