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Part of Darrell Brown’s Legacy The feel-good story of October’s second weekend of college football belonged to Darrell Brown, the first black football player at the University of Arkansas. Forty-five years after he left the program under depressing conditions – bruised, battered, injured and ignored – Brown was celebrated... Read more
The venues, helmets and results stay the same. All that changes, it seems, are the stitches on the back of their opponents’ jerseys. By falling to Alabama 38-14, Arkansas lost its bid to join college football’s VIP club for the fifth time in three years. Forget Arkansas-LSU: that annual... Read more
Tuesday night, Archie Goodwin became the first commitment of Kentucky‘s class of 2012. With the single single tap of a “Tweet” button, the prep basketball star elated thousands of Wildcats fans while crushing the hopes of those wanting him to commit to Memphis or Arkansas.  He told ESPN’s Dave Telep the... Read more
At the Little Rock Razorback club meeting, I was able to ask Razorbacks assistant coaches Matt Zimmerman and T.J. Cleveland about the idea I floated in this week’s Sync column for an NCAA-sanctioned summer basketball event involving high school, college and pro players. There is currently no summer league... Read more
Preaching to the Faithful Mike Anderson and former Razorbacks Pat Bradley, Ernie Murry, Blake Eddins, Sunday Adebayo and Scotty Thurman were some of the featured guests at Thursday night’s Little Rock Razorback club dinner at the Park Hill Baptist Church in North Little Rock. Blake Eddins let loose in... Read more
Every time one person interviews another person whose name is Solo for a blog post, you already know at the least the title is taken care of. Fortunately, Solomon “Solo” Bozeman, basketball’s reigning Sun Belt Player of Year, is interesting enough to make delving into the following post itself worth... Read more