Woooo Pig Sue-y: Bret Bielema Targets Hogs In $7.7 Million Lawsuit

It sure didn’t. Arkansas never seriously competed for an SEC West division crown, no less a national title, during his tenure.

So, after Bielema was fired in the Razorbacks’ locker room, he took a while to gather his thoughts. Then he stepped into the locker room as his players went through their usual post-game prayer. 

“I just thanked them for the opportunity, and told them I’d be with them for the rest of their days — whether they’re playing football, or in the business world or dealing with family or life,” Bielema said. “I’m with them 100%.”

“I got a hug from every kid in that locker room, all the coaches.”

“I’d never been fired,” Bielema recalled. “I’d never been in that situation, but I understand that wins have to take a higher stage at Arkansas, you got to produce more wins.”

He added: But I’m very, very proud of what we accomplished — the mark we made there off the field and in the classroom back it up.”

Bielema Since The Firing

In the following months, Bielema spent extra time with his wife and baby girl. He called that opportunity “awesome” and a “rebirth.”

Eventually, after considering some media opportunities, Bielema chose to help evaluate college players for the Patriots ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft. 

It’s unclear if he’s spending any more time with his family in his new role than he did while at Arkansas. “The thing I love about football in the NFL is you go to work at 6 a.m. and you leave at 9 [p.m.],” Bielema told CBS Sports. “It’s nothing but football… It’s just purely football.”

What, Exactly, Is A Football Consultant?

For months, it was unclear what exatctly Bielema did as a “football consultant.” That is, what he has done besides rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month thanks to his Razorback coaching buyout clause. Last winter, it was reported he would get an $11.935 million buyout that would be paid out in monthly installments through the end of 2020. By taking a job before the end of 2020, his buyout will be reduced by the amount of his salary (which is unreported).

Bret Bielema appears to do a little bit of everything for the Patriots, with emphasis on the defense. That’s the side of the ball where Bielema played and got his coaching start. Plus, at Arkansas, he coached two Patriot defenders, Trey Flowers (who earlier in 2018 rated as the NFL’s No. 1 rated edge defender) and Deatrich Wise, Jr. He also coached Patriot running back James White at Wisconsin.

Bill Belichick laid out some details about Beliema’s job in a pre-game interview in the fall. “Bret’s got a lot of experience,” he said. “Obviously, he was the head coach at Wisconsin, Arkansas. He’s dealt with a lot of different players, situations, and he’s primarily worked on defense as an assistant coach, so he’s given us some help there between the defensive ends and tackles.

“He’s also been somebody that I’ve used and has helped me with some overall head-coaching-type responsibilities — planning and team management and things like that.”

Listen to the Belichick’s take on Bielema starting at 6:52 below:

Bielema never did climb to the summit in college football.

At Arkansas, he never came close. But he loved the time he spent there for more than the monstrously large pot of gold he made off with. He seems to have made genuine, enduring bonds with many of his players and coaches. You can see hints of that in the way he constantly gives social media props to guys like Colton Jackson, Dan Enos, super fan Canaan Sandy or Grayson Gunter.

By all accounts, Bielema always was — and has remained — a big-hearted guy.

Perhaps finally making it to the Big Game is a kind of #karma, after all.


Make sure to listen to Bret Bielema’s full interview with Bo Mattingly. He discusses, among other things, what he would have done differently at Arkansas were he able to do it all over again, what he thinks of Chad Morris and his message to Arkansas fans.

It starts at 14:45 below:


Bielema is one of six former Razorbacks going to the Super Bowl. Five are from New England. Learn more about the only LA Ram below:

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