Best Razorback Shooters Ever: Three-Game Stretches

Al Dillard

Since the days of Al Dillard in the first year of Bud Walton Arena, Arkansas has seen some elite three-point bombers wear Razorback red. Fans old and young can easily recall the names of the best Razorback shooters — the likes of Scotty Thurman, Pat Bradley, Rotnei Clarke, Dusty Hannahs and now Isaiah Joe. These are the guys at the very top of the pecking order when it comes to most three-point records in program history.

In an earlier piece, I looked out how the best Razorback shooters stacked up against each other in terms of hottest three-game shooting stretches in SEC play. There, Pat Bradley and Isaiah Joe stand at the head of the class.

But what about best three-game stretch regardless of when it happened?

Let’s have at it:

All-Time Best Razorback Shooters: Three-Game Non-Conference Stretches

Al Dillard (three points made and attempted in boldface)

12/4/93 Northwestern St. 5-10

12/8/93 @Memphis 4-7

12/11/93 Delaware State 12-22

Total: 21 of 39 (53.8%)

YouTube video

Pat Bradley

12/19/98 Memphis 5-10

12/23/98 @Wake Forest 5-8

12/23/98 North Texas 10-24

Total: 20 of 42 (47.6%)

Rotnei Clarke

11/13/09 Alcorn State 13-17

11/17/09 Louisville 3-7

11/20/09 Appalachian State 3-5

Total: 19 of 29 (65.5%)


Isaiah Joe 

12/1/18 Florida International 10-13

12/5/18 @ Colorado State 4-9

12/8/18 Western Kentucky 5-10 

Total: 19 of 32 (59.4%)

Here’s scalding hot evidence of Joe’s 10-three pointer detonation against FIU:

YouTube video

One of Joe’s Razorback coaches, Scotty Thurman, is the most clutch shooter in Arkansas history. As a sophomore Thurman, famously, hit the go-ahead three-pointer in the last minute of the Hog’s national title when in 1994.

But Thurman’s best three-game stretch actually came right out of the gates his freshman year:

12/6/92 @Arizona 6-10

12/17/92 Missouri State 3-5

12/19/92 @Missouri 7-11

Total: 16 out of 26 (61.5%)

Check out this gloriously grainy video of Thurman’s Missouri masterpiece:

YouTube video

While combing through the digital archives for these records, I came across a multi-game stretch by Jannero Pargo that is worth including. Granted, this isn’t technically a trifecta set like the above, but I do want to include it to remind folks what a great — and to this day underrated — shooter Pargo was.

He and Joe Johnson, my LR Central High classmate, made a nasty one-two combo!

Jannero Pargo’s Multi-Game Masterpiece

(three pointers made and attempted are in the second column from the left)


Y’all, that’s a five-game stretch shooting 57.7% on an average of 10.4 attempts per game.

We’ll see if Isaiah Joe can beat that.

Joe Johnson and Jannero Pargo reunited in the NBA years later as teammates in Atlanta. Here’s Pargo reminiscing about those Razorback days:

YouTube video
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