Ben Hicks Goes On SEC Network, Reps Hogs As New Face Of Program

Ben Hicks

Well, Ty Storey never did this.

Nor, for that matter, did Cole Kelley.

Neither of the last two starting Razorbacks were invited on to The Paul Finebuam Show as guests in January — if ever. In his first whirlwind week as a Razorback, however, Ben Hicks has outdone both his predecessors.

Hicks has been on quite the media tour this week, with most outlets based in Arkansas. Today, though, he spoke to sports radio host Paul Finebaum out of the SEC Network’s headquarters in Charlotte.

Hicks, a pass record setting graduate transfer from SMU, discussed his relationship with Chad Morris, his expectations going into his first season, along with some tongue-and-check banter about how much he’s preparing for the season opener against Portland State.

Ben Hicks on watching Arkansas last year:

“It seemed like they were in a lot of the games, right there on the cusp of being able to win a couple of more. But you know I think they got the pieces to win here. Looking forward to working with those guys.”

And here’s Hicks’ re-emphasizing for the umpteenth time how stoked he is to play in the SEC (one of the downsides of making media tours is you hear the same questions over and over):

“You know it is kind of a dream come true. I have always dreamed about playing in the SEC. I wasn’t able to do that coming out of high school. Now I have the opportunity to play one year in this unbelievable league. Obviously going to be a great challenge. But it is one I am looking forward to and excited to be a part of it. It’s just a great conference and something special to be a part of. So I am really looking forward to it.”

No ground-shaking revelations or juicy soundbites in this Finebaum interview. But Razorback fans should be pleased to see their man of the hour at last wearing some Hogs gear.

I’ll admit it: It’s been strange writing all the Ben Hicks-as-Razorback-QB stories below, and having to use SMU photos each time.

Listen to the interview in its entirety starting at the 1:10 mark below:

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