LIVE UPDATES: Hogs Gritted Out Rare Sweep in Arkansas vs LSU Finale

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FAYETTEVILLE — The Razorbacks have already clinched the Arkansas vs LSU series, but have a chance to pull off a rare sweep of the Tigers.

A walk-off double by Hudson White secured the series Friday night and now right-hander Brady Tygart is on the mound to try to help the Razorbacks win the finale, which is scheduled for a 2 p.m. CT first pitch on SEC Network-Plus.

It would be just the fifth time Arkansas has swept LSU since they became conference foes in 1992 – and the second time in three years, as the last time it happened was in 2022 at Baum-Walker Stadium. The other times it happened were in 2011, 2004 and 2001.

Follow along below for inning-by-inning updates from Saturday’s Arkansas baseball game…

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LIVE UPDATES — Arkansas vs LSU (Game 3)

Pregame Tidbits

Will Edmunson is back in left field for Arkansas, while Ryder Helfrick is starting at catcher. Hudson White is still in the lineup at designated hitter, though.

T1- LSU 1, Arkansas 0

  • Tommy White greets Brady Tygart rather rudely. A 354-foot homer to right on a fastball just two pitches in is how this one gets underway. LSU 1, Arkansas 0
  • Ashton Larson strikes out swinging, 1 out
  • Jared Jones strikes out swinging, 2 outs
  • Hayden Travinski strikes out swinging, 3 outs… solid bounceback from Tygart after the leadoff homer

B1- LSU 1, Arkansas 1

  • Peyton Stovall strikes out swinging, 1 out
  • Wehiwa Aloy responds in kind with a 390-foot homer to left that came off the bat at 111 miles per hour. LSU 1, Arkansas 1
  • Ben McLaughlin struck out swinging, 2 outs
  • Hudson White singled to center
  • Diggs popped up to short, 3 outs

T2- LSU 1, Arkansas 1

  • Josh Pearson flied to deep left, 1 out
  • Mac Bingham grounds to second, 2 outs
  • Steven Milam flied to deep right, 3 outs… Two deep flyouts for a quick seven-pitch inning

B2- LSU 1, Arkansas 1

  • Jared Sprague-Lott walked
  • Will Edmunson singled to short, Sprague-Lott to second… A valiant effort from the shortstop Michael Braswell III on a ball in the hole but to no avail
  • Ryder Helfrick flied to right, Sprague-Lott to third, 1 out
  • Ty Wilmsmeyer grounds into an inning-ending 6-3 double play, 3 outs… Even Wilmsmeyer’s speed couldn’t save the Hogs from squandering a first and third opportunity with less than two outs.

T3- LSU 3, Arkansas 1

  • Michael Braswell III hit by pitch
  • Brady Neal singled to right, Braswell III to second
  • T. White grounds into a 6-4-3 double play, Braswell III to third, two outs… Ask and you shall receive, It’s Tygart’s turn to be the beneficiary of a double play
  • Larson homers to right, Braswell III scores. LSU 3, Arkansas 1… Tygart unable to take advantage of the double play, Hogs will have to come from behind again.
  • Jones flied to right, 3 outs

B3- LSU 3, Arkansas 1

  • Stovall fouled out to third, 1 out
  • Aloy grounded to third, 2 outs
  • McLaughlin struck out looking, 3 outs

T4- LSU 4, Arkansas 1

  • Travinski grounded to third, 1 out
  • Pearson flied to left, 2 out
  • Bingham homered to left, LSU 4, Arkansas 1… Third of the day off of Tygart, this time 414 feet.
  • Milan flied to center, 3 outs

B4- LSU 4, Arkansas 4

  • H. White grounded to short, 1 out
  • Diggs popped to short, 2 outs
  • Sprague-Lott walked
  • Edmunson singled to right, Sprague-Lott to second
  • Helfrick singled to left, Edmunson to second, Sprague-Lott to third… (Helfrick dumps the ball into short left, not deep enough to score Sprague-Lott from second even with two outs).
  • Wilmsmeyer singled to left, Sprague-Lott scored, Edmunson scored, Helfrick to second, LSU 4, Arkansas 3
  • Stovall singled to right, Helfrick scored, Wilmsmeyer to third, LSU 4, Arkansas 4
  • Nate Ackenhausen to pitch for Gage Junk
  • Aloy grounded to third, 3 outs… Aloy grounds out on a 3-0 pitch but five straight reached to tie the game as we have a marriage proposal at Baum-Walker

T5LSU 4, Arkansas 4

  • Braswell singled to right
  • Koty Frank to pitch for Tygart
  • Neal struck out swinging, 1 out
  • T. White grounds into a 5-4-3 double play, 3 outs… Koty Frank needs just four pitches to record three outs and close the book on Tygart: 4 IP, 5 H, 4 R (4 ER), 0 BB, 3 K

B5- LSU 4, Arkansas 4

  • McLaughlin lined to short, 1 out
  • H. White grounded to third, 2 outs
  • Diggs walked
  • Sprague-Lott popped to second, 3 outs

T6- LSU 4, Arkansas 4

  • Larson grounded out, first base to pitcher, 1 out
  • Jones struck out looking, 2 outs
  • Travinski fouled out to first, 3 outs… Nice running catch by McLaughlin to retire the side. Frank has retired five straight since entering the game.

B6- Arkansas 7, LSU 4

  • Edmunson doubled down the left-field line
  • Helfrick flied to center, Edmunson to third, 1 out
  • Wilmsmeyer reached on a fielder’s choice, Edmunson scores… Ackenhausen opts to lob the ball home on a comebacker, allowing Edmunson to slide under the tag of Neal. The play was upheld upon video review
  • Stovall homered to right, Wilmsmeyer scored, Arkansas 7, LSU 4
  • Aloy walked
  • Aloy stole second
  • McLaughlin flied to center, 2 outs
  • Gavin Guidry to pitch for Ackenhausen
  • Aloy advanced to third on a wild pitch
  • H. White popped to short, 3 outs… What an inning for Arkansas. A bit of both small ball and power, dealer’s choice.

T7-Arkansas 7, LSU 5

  • Pearson grounded to second, 1 out
  • Bingham homered to left, Arkansas 7, LSU 5
  • Milam grounded to second, 2 outs
  • Braswell III singled to left
  • Neal flied to left… Bingham hits his second of the day. Stretch time!

B7-Arkansas 7, LSU 5

  • Diggs walked
  • Sprague-Lott struck out, Diggs out at second, 2 outs – Sprague-Lott steps across the plate and is called for obstruction for an unusual double play
  • Edmunson walked
  • Edmunson stole second
  • Helfrick struck out swinging, 3 outs

T8-Arkansas 7, LSU 5

  • Hunter Dietz to pitch for Frank – RAZORBACK DEBUT ALERT!
    • T. White walked
    • Ethan Frey pinch-hit for Larson
    • Frey singled to right, White to second
    • Jones struck out swinging, 1 out
    • Travinski grounded to short, White to third, Frey to second, 2 outs
    • Pearson hit by pitch
    • Will McEntire to pitch for Dietz
    • Bingham strikes out swinging, 3 outs… A pair of bold moves from Dave Van Horn pays massive dividends.

B8-Arkansas 7, LSU 5

  • Wilmsmeyer flied to center, 1 out
  • Stovall walked
  • Aloy struck out swinging, 2 outs
  • Justin Loer to pitch for Guidry
  • McLaughlin fouled out to left, 3 outs

T9-Arkansas 7, LSU 5

  • Milam filed to center, 1 out
  • Braswell III walked
  • Neal singled to second, Braswell III to second
  • Paxton Kling pinch-ran for Neal at first
  • T. White lines into a double-play, third to second, Braswell III out at second, 3 outs… After just missing a go-ahead three-run homer just foul down the left field line, he hits a screamer right at the hot corner. The ever sure-handed Sprague-Lott snares the liner and alertly threw to second to send 10,924 fans home happy 7-5 Arkansas (FINAL)

Starting Lineups

LSU BaseballArkansas Baseball
1. Tommy White – 3B1. Peyton Stovall – 2B
2. Ashton Larson – LF2. Wehiwa Aloy – SS
3. Jared Jones – 1B3. Ben McLaughlin – 1B
4. Hayden Travinski – DH4. Hudson White – DH
5. Josh Pearson – RF5. Kendall Diggs – RF
6. Mac Bingham – CF6. Jared Sprague-Lott – 3B
7. Steven Milam – 2B7. Will Edmunson – LF
8. Michael Braswell III – SS8. Ryder Helfrick – C
9. Brady Neal – C9. Ty Wilmsmeyer – CF
Pitching: LHP Gage JumpPitching: RHP Brady Tygart

How to Watch Arkansas vs LSU (Game 3)

Date: Saturday, March 30

First Pitch: 2 p.m. CT

Location: Baum-Walker Stadium (Fayetteville, Ark.)

TV/Stream: SEC Network-Plus


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