LIVE UPDATES: Hogs Drop Annual NLR Game, Losing in Extras vs Lipscomb

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK — The Razorbacks’ annual game at Dickey-Stephens Park has arrived, which means it’s time for another explanation for why the Arkansas vs Lipscomb matchup won’t be available to watch Tuesday night.

The game, which is scheduled for a 6 p.m. CT first pitch, will instead only be broadcast over the radio, with live updates provided by Best of Arkansas Sports below.

The reason for that is simple: The infrastructure required to stream such a game is all based in Fayetteville and the UA has no way to transport it. Theoretically, ESPN or SEC Network could pick it up for traditional television, but games like this are almost always stream-only on SEC Network-Plus.

It is the same reason the Razorbacks’ annual game just down the road at Simmons Bank Arena – which was against Bradley this past season – also isn’t available via television or online stream.

Regional-based networks (like the now-defunct CST), other streaming services (like FloSports) and local television stations (like KATV or THV11) are unable to step in and broadcast it in their absence because ESPN/SEC Network own the rights to the game, as it is still considered a home Arkansas baseball game.

Click here for a full listing of radio affiliates who carry Arkansas baseball, but otherwise, follow along below for live, inning-by-inning updates from Arkansas vs Lipscomb from Best of Arkansas Sports…

LIVE UPDATES — Arkansas vs Lipscomb

Pregame Tidbits

After closing out the finale of the Texas A&M series with his first career save in his first career SEC appearance, freshman Parker Coil will make another start against Lipscomb. The left-hander previously made midweek starts against Army and UNLV.

The Bisons are going with left-hander Michael Dunkelberger, who owns a 6.35 ERA in 34 innings this season.

T-1st: Arkansas 0, Lipscomb 0

Ketchup opened the game with an eight-pitch battle in which he fouled off a couple of 3-2 pitches, but eventually swung and missed to strike out. Vergara followed with a pop up in foul territory caught by Cali. After getting ahead of those two guys 0-2, Coil fell behind 3-1 to Lundgrin, but he ended up checking his swing and also fouling out down the third base line. It was an 18-pitch inning for the lefty.

B-1st: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 0

Diggs hit a grounder up the middle, but Lipscomb had him played perfectly. The shortstop fielded it and made an easy throw for the first out. Bohrofen followed with a five-pitch walk to become the game’s first base runner. He then stole second just before Cali grounded out to second. Instead of a double play, the Bisons just got the force at first and Bohrofen moved to third. McLaughlin walked on four pitches to put runners on the corners for Coll, who smacked a three-run homer to left.

When Dunkelberger fell behind 2-0 against Jones, Lipscomb made a mound visit. It didn’t help, as his next two pitches were also balls to walk him. Jones then stole second. He was stranded there, though, as Polk grounded out to short in a full count to end the inning. It was a 32-pitch inning for Dunkelberger.

T-2nd: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 0

Coil walked Willhoite on five pitches to start the inning, but bounced back to get Coppedge to look at strike three. Berg nearly grounded into a double play, but Bolton had to take it to the bag himself before firing to first and his throw was just a tad late. That didn’t matter, though, because Bouck grounded out back to the pitcher to end the inning. It was a 15-pitch inning for Coil, who has thrown 33 pitches tonight.

B-2nd: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 0

Neville thought about bunting on the first pitch, but pulled his bat back on a strike. He ended up striking out on three pitches, as he couldn’t check his swing. Bolton grounded out to second. Diggs lined out to first to end the inning. It was a nice bounce-back frame for Dunkelberger, who threw just 14 pitches in the inning.

T-3rd: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 1

Now pitching for Arkansas: right-hander, and Bryant native, Will McEntire. Lee grounded into the shift to start the inning, hitting a grounder directly to Cali playing on the other side of second base. Bertolani worked the count full, but took strike three. Ketchup followed with a deep fly to center that looked like it went off the top of the wall for a double, but the umpire called it a home run. There is no replay today. McEntire bounced back to strike out Vergara. He threw 16 pitches in the inning.

B-3rd: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 1

Bohrofen grounded out to second to start the home half of the third, but Cali followed with a full-count walk. McLaughlin also worked the count full before hitting a soft grounder to second. The second baseman tried to tag Cali before throwing to first, but missed him and just got the out at first. With a runner on second and two outs, Lipscomb made a pitching change.

The new pitcher is right-hander Bryce Houghton. He struck out Coll to end the inning and strand the runner on second.

T-4th: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 3

The new pitcher for Arkansas is freshman right-hander Christian Foutch. He walked Lundgrin on five pitches and also walked Willhoite on the seventh pitch of the at bat. He then hit Coppedge with a pitch and that’s it for him. He has allowed 12 straight batters to reach base, dating back to the ninth inning of Game 3 at Georgia.

Left-hander Zack Morris is the new pitcher for Arkansas. He induced a ground ball by Berg, but Cali’s throw to second was wide. It wouldn’t have been a double play because it was hit too softly, but the error meant no out at all was made and a run scored. Bouck followed with a more tailor made double play ball, but Bolton bobbled it and was only able to get the out at second. That allowed the tying run to score.

The inning should have been over with only one run in. Instead, Morris struck out Lee and then issued a two-out walk to Bertolani to load the bases again — and bring up the top of Lipscomb’s order again. He got out of it by striking out Ketchup.

B-4th: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 3

Jones walked on five pitches to start the inning and Polk followed with a single through the left side. That’s it for Houghton. The new pitcher for Lipscomb is left-hander Joey Mitchell. Neville tried to bunt the runners over, but couldn’t get it down and ended up striking out. Bolton walked on five pitches to load the bases. Diggs hit a pop foul behind the plate and it looked like the catcher might have dropped it, but the umpires got together and ruled that it was dropped on the transfer, so he was still out. Bohrofen thought he had ball four for a bases-loaded walk, but was called out on strikes instead.

T-5th: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 3

Morris is still on the mound and mowed down the Bisons in the fifth. He got Vergara to ground out to short and then struck out Lundgrin and Willhoite. During that last at bat, Dave Van Horn was not happy about a call, but it’s unclear what. Willhoite ended up looking at strike three. Morris has thrown 34 pitches in two innings of work.

B-5th: Arkansas 3, Lipscomb 3

Mitchell needed four pitches to get Cali to pop out to second, but McLaughlin and Coll each put the first pitch they saw into play. McLaughlin singled through the shift, but Coll grounded into a 4-6-3 double play.

T-6th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 3

Freshman right-hander Ben Bybee is now on the mound for Arkansas. He promptly gave up a single to center on his first pitch to Coppedge. Berg followed with a walk, prompting a mound visit from Matt Hobbs. Bouck laid down a perfect bunt down the third base line for a single to load the bases and Lee walked on five pitches to bring in the go-ahead run. That led to a pitching change.

Now pitching for Arkansas is right-hander Gage Wood. He struck out Bertolani for the first out, but a wild pitch brought in another run and then Ketchup hit a sacrifice fly to right. Vergara couldn’t check his swing, striking out to strand a runner on third. All three runs were charged to Bybee.

B-6th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 3

Now pitching for Lipscomb is right-hander Ethan Smith. He struck out Jones before hitting Polk to pop out to right and Neville to fly out to left.

T-7th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 3

Right-hander Austin Ledbetter, a Bryant native, is now pitching for the Razorbacks. Lundgrin grounded out to second to start the inning. Willhoite followed with a pop out to short. With two outs, Ledbetter induced a ground ball, but Bolton’s throw was low and Coppedge reached safely on the E6. Berg then hit a single into center and Coppedge went first to third on the play. Berg then stole second. With runners on second and third, Bouck flied out to right.

B-7th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 3

Bolton led off the seventh with a ground out to short. Diggs went down swinging, but Bohrofen reached with a two-out HBP. Cali got ahead 3-0, prompting a mound visit, and Smith battled back to get him to fly out to right.

T-8th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 3

Lee flied out to left, but Bertolani followed with a single into center. Ledbetter then plunked Ketchup. The runners were stranded when Vergara grounded into a double play, with Coll fielding it and stepping on second himself before throwing to first.

B-8th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 6

Now pitching for Lipscomb: left-hander Matthrew Bohnert. He promptly gave up a double into the left field corner to McLaughlin, but bounced back by striking out Coll. Jones worked the count full and drew a walk, bringing the tying run to the plate. Polk was hit by a pitch, loading the bases and prompting a mound visit. Hunter Grimes pinch hit for Neville and got ahead 3-1, but swung and missed at two straight pitches to strike out.

Brady Slavens pinch hit for Bolton and during his at bat, Bohnert threw a wild pitch that brought in one run and the catcher’s throw back to the plate went over the pitcher’s head, allowing another run to score. It also put the tying run on third in the form of Peyton Holt, who pinch ran for Hudson Polk. He raced home on a second wild pitch, tying the game. Slavens ended up walking and that’s it for Bohnert.

The new pitcher for Lipscomb is left-hander Hayden Frank. He plunked Diggs, moving the go-ahead run into scoring position, but then got Bohrofen to chase a high pitch to end the inning.

T-9th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 6

Defensive changes in the ninth: Coll shifts to short, Jones moves to second, Slavens goes to first, Grimes stayed in the game in left and Parker Rowland came in to catch.

Lundgrin grounded out to second to start the inning, but Willhoite ripped a single over the shortstop’s head to put the go-ahead run on base. Coppedge went down swinging for the second out. Berg flied out to right to end the inning.

B-9th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 6

Cali drew a four-pitch walk to start the ninth. McLaughlin flied out to left. During Coll’s at bat, Cali stole second to get into scoring position. But Coll ended up taking strike three on what he thought was ball four. With two outs, Jones flied out to left. This game is heading to extras.

T-10th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 6

Ledbetter is still on the mound for Arkansas. He got Bouck to ground out to short, but then walked Lee on four pitches. That prompted a mound visit by Hobbs. During the visit, Limpscomb inserted a pinch runner for Lee. Kyle Hetherington was thrown out trying to steal second on the very next pitch. Arkansas thought it had a strikeout, but Bertolani checked his swing and got the walk. Hayden Skipper pinch ran for him, but was stranded when Ketchup hit a little check-swing grounder back to Ledbetter for the final out.

B-10th: Lipscomb 6, Arkansas 6

Rowland flied out to center to start the inning. Grimes went down swinging, once again getting ahead 3-1 and swinging and missing the next two pitches. Slavens followed with a two-out single through the shift, but Diggs flied out to center.

T-11th: Lipscomb 8, Arkansas 6

Ben McLaughlin, the Razorbacks’ starting designated hitter, is now pitching. He walked Vergara and Lundgrin to start the inning, the latter of which came after getting ahead 0-2. Willhoite couldn’t get a bunt down, so instead, he hit a go-ahead RBI single. Coppedge bunted the runners over, setting up a sac fly by Berg. McLaughlin walked Bouck and that’s it for him.

Freshman left-hander Sean Fitzpatrick is in to pitch, meaning Arkansas loses its DH – who is due up third in the bottom of the inning. Hetherington bunted the first pitch down the first base line and reached on a single to load the bases. Fitzpatrick bounced back to strike out Skipper to leave them loaded.

B-11th: Lipscomb 8, Arkansas 6

It looked like Bohrofen might have led off the inning with a hit, but the shortstop – in the shift – made a nice diving catch for the first out. Cali struck out swing. McLaughlin shouldn’t be hitting because of the pitching change, but he did and grounded out to second to end the game.

FINAL: Lipscomb 8, Arkansas 6

BOX SCORE – Arkansas vs Lipscomb

Starting Lineups – Arkansas vs Lipscomb

Lipscomb BaseballArkansas Baseball
1. Caleb Ketchup – SS1. Kendall Diggs – RF
2. Alex Vergara – CF2. Jace Bohrofen – CF
3. Mason Lundgrin – 1B3. Caleb Cali – 3B
4. Trace Willhoite – 3B4. Ben McLaughlin – DH
5. David Coppedge – DH5. Harold Coll – 2B
6. Jake Berg – LF6. Jayson Jones – 1B
7. Parks Bouck – 2B7. Hudson Polk – C
8. Will Lee – RF8. Mason Neville – LF
9. Chaz Bertolani – C9. John Bolton – SS
Pitching: LHP Michael DunkelbergerPitching: LHP Parker Coil

Baseball Schedule This Week

Tuesday — vs. Lipscomb (NLR) — 6 p.m. CT (no streaming/TV)

Friday — at Mississippi State — 6 p.m. CT (SECN+)

Saturday — at Mississippi State — 6 p.m. CT (ESPN2)

Sunday — at Mississippi State — 1 p.m. CT (SECN+)

Accountability Check — 2023 Arkansas Baseball Predictions

Best of Arkansas Sports managing editor Andrew Hutchinson published his week-by-week predictions for the 2023 season just before the Razorbacks opened the year at the College Baseball Showdown. Those predictions can be read in full here, but we’ll also be doing weekly “accountability checks” in this space.

Prediction: 2-1 on the weekend / 33-12 overall, 13-8 in SEC play

That momentum will follow the Razorbacks back to Fayetteville, as they take care of business against a Texas A&M team that also reached the College World Series semifinals last season and was picked second in the SEC West.

Actual: 3-0 on the weekend / 33-11 overall, 14-7 in SEC play

We didn’t predict a sweep, but we did have Arkansas winning the series against Texas A&M. The Razorbacks are now one game ahead of our predictions in SEC play.

Composite College Baseball Top 25

Unlike football and basketball, which have just the AP and Coaches Polls all year (with football adding the CFP rankings late in the season), college baseball has five major polls. (Collegiate Baseball used to be included, but it was dropped to due severe inconsistencies in its rankings.)

To get a better feel for how teams stack up, BoAS has combined those rankings into a single top 25 by using a points system in which a No. 1 ranking = 25 points, No. 2 = 24 points and all the way to No. 25 = 1 point. We will update this each week throughout the season…

1. LSUSEC125
2. Wake ForestACC120
3. South CarolinaSEC112
4. FloridaSEC111
5. VanderbiltSEC+1102
6. ArkansasSEC-1101
t-7. StanfordPac-12+192
t-7. Coastal CarolinaSun Belt-192
9. DukeACC+1176
t-10. Miami (Fla.)ACC+768
t-10. UConnBig East+568
12. CampbellBig South-466
13. West VirginiaBig 12+863
t-14. Dallas BaptistCUSA+260
t-14. East CarolinaAAC-260
16. TennesseeSEC+353
17. VirginiaACC-748
18. OregonPac-12+444
19. Boston CollegeACC-832
20. Oregon StatePac-12+630
21. Arizona StatePac-12-323
22. Texas TechBig 12-915
23. KentuckySEC-913
24. UTSACUSA+311
25. Oklahoma StateBig 129
Receiving votes: Indiana State (6), Maryland (5), Louisville (5), Northeastern (4), Cal State-Fullerton (3)

MOVED IN: Oregon State (20), UTSA (24)
MOVED OUT: Louisville (23), Indiana (24)

Conference Breakdown

  • SEC: 7
  • ACC: 5
  • Pac-12: 4
  • Big 12: 3
  • C-USA: 2
  • AAC: 1
  • Big East: 1
  • Big South: 1
  • Sun Belt: 1


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