Affiliate Offers From 1xBet Help Partners Get Profit


With the return of actual, (sorta) real sports, comes the return of betting.

Fans of pro Hogs like in the MLB and NBA should know they can receive money from partnerships with bookmaker companies. To do this, they just need to join affiliate programs of these offices. All affiliate offers information from 1xBet indicates that this doesn’t require any special knowledge or strategies. Just send a request to the website of the popular bookmaker.

The media platform can be of absolutely any format and theme (though, personal preference here: please let don’t let it be an LSU fan site), and the number of views also don’t matter much. For each invited new user betting on the 1xBet website, the partner receives a considerable payback, which reaches up to 40% of this user’s turnover. The affiliate program welcomes owners of the following resources:

  • public communities and personal accounts on social networks;
  • personal sites, both entertaining and informational;
  • email;
  • YouTube channels, and many other platforms.

After applying to the program, just wait a bit while the manager carefully checks the information on a potential partner. Then you can start working using all materials the company provides. There’s no need to search for promotional information yourself since 1xBet has already prepared everything. Promo materials are presented in 60 languages ​​of the world, which will help to establish communication with potential bettors from most countries. 

All affiliate offers information from 1xBet available to a partner

When starting a collaboration with the world’s largest bookmaker, a client is not limited to promotional materials only. He is also provided with a full-fledged personal account on the portal for viewing statistics in real time, a unique referral link and the ability to receive expert advice at any time.

The list of all affiliate offers information from company 1xBet also includes marketing support in case the partner has difficulties with promotion. Professionals will tell him (or her) how to attract readers and viewers, and what points he needs to focus on. This will allow an affiliate to learn how to best advertise the brand in a short time.

Participation in the partner program is absolutely free, you can also use an unlimited number of sites, because there is no restrictions on this. Feel like getting started?

An application for participation can be submitted now to find out how beneficial a partnership with bookmakers can be, and what it gives to the ordinary owner of information resources.

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