A Quick Guide for Online Tennis Betting in Arkansas

Online betting has been around since the dawn of widespread use of the Internet. Over the years, online betting sites have gotten better and better. Nowadays, millions of people all around the world daily place wagers. Some, though, are still reluctant to use online bookmakers. It helps to know everything online betting has to offer.

Before placing an online bet, let’s review some basics. Finding trustworthy online bookmakers can be difficult, though numerous review websites make that job a lot easier. These websites provide you with the top sportsbooks and greatly simplify the process. Tennis, which has under-appreciated history in Arkansas, is actually one of the best sports to bet on for a number of reasons. Before serving those up, though, let’s hit the advantages of betting online.

The Benefits of Online Sports Betting

Betting online is crazy easy. Imagine you’re lounging in the comfort of your home, a fine cheetah skin rug beneath your feet, waiting for a televised tennis game in doubles to start. As you peer through the haze of fine cigar screen at the the screen, you see the news: A star player’s out due to an old leg injury which started bothering him during warm-ups. Chances are that the other team will now win. You know this is a money-making opportunity and you pounce, like the Great White Shark you are.

All you need to do is open your computer, your tablet, or your phone, go to an online sports betting website, log in, securely deposit some funds by choosing one of the deposit methods, chose your favorite sportsbook and place your bet.

Besides providing a simple, easy-to-use interface, online betting has other advantages, such as bonuses, offers, free games, VIP programs and other perks. Furthermore, members can just register and play for free, so it attracts players from all corners of the world (excepting the countries which disallow sports betting).

Sports Betting in Arkansas

In recent months, Arkansas has been making steps towards legalizing casino gaming and sports wagering. The voters are starting to realize the many advantages of sports betting. As a result, an Arkansas law allowing sports betting passed and will go into effect soon. More and more establishments are including sports betting and expanded gambling across the state.

West Memphis and Hot Springs have race tracks with poker, slots games, and table games. Moreover, Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort for horse racing and Southland Racing Casino will be allowed to include sports betting, expanding their gaming industry. Online sports betting is still illegal in Arkansas, though. The only legal betting options include greyhound and horse racing. However, residents can still use offshore online betting platforms to bet on tennis.

Why Bet on Tennis Online?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, though not as popular among the red meat-eating American manly man type. Still, given its international following, the sports presents a lucrative opportunity. In terms of worldwide betting activity, tennis is only second to soccer. As such, it’s one of the best sports to take a chance on.


First of all, there are fewer numbers of random events in tennis than in other sports like soccer or American football. Due to only having two players in a match instead of 22 and no players coming off the bench, the odds are less likely to fluctuate. It’s easier to make assessments of individual tennis players, where the focus can be on strengths, health, form, mental state, and playing style. In team sports, the variables increase by an exponential factor.

Another advantage of tennis betting consists of the small amount of influence that the officials have. Contrast that to cricket or football where rare is the game in which officials don’t get raked over the coals. The rules, too, are more clear cut. Even small tennis matches played on clay courts allow for umpires to check where the ball bounces, thus giving the point to the player who really deserved it. It helps, too, that there are no draws in tennis. The matches can continue for as long as needed, as Isner-Nadal so famously proved.

Statistical Data and Betting Markets

One of the most important things to keep in mind when placing a bet is the amount of statistical data available, showing information like the number of service games won at a specific event, on a specific surface or against an opponent by a player. Thankfully, there is plenty of such statistical information available in tennis. You can even access live streams of the matches on the bookmaker’s website. You need not hang your head in shame if you know little about the spots. Raise up, young buck, for you still have hope of placing a great bet! Another great option with tennis is the opportunity of in-play betting, where you wait until the match has already started and place your bet afterward.

The Best Players of Arkansas

Arkansas has never produced a native who was a Grand Slam tournament champion in tennis. Nor has the relatively small state produced a Top 10-ranked tennis pro, apparently. Still, the Razorbacks tennis program has produced some great college players who have enjoyed some success on the professional levels. Here are some of the top Arkansas tennis players of all time at the college level:

Aurelija Miseviciute – This native Lithuanian at one time reached No. 1 in the nation as a Razorback tennis player. In 2008, she had 52 singles wins — the most in Arkansas history — and led Arkansas to its first-ever SEC West title in tennis.

Richard Schmidt – Schmidit, a a Chicago native, twice earned All-American honors playing with Tim Siegel in doubles. As Razorbacks, they finished as semi-finalists in the 1986 NCAA Championships. Professionally, Schmidt’s best finish was making the third round of the 1988 Australian Open. Again, his partner was Siegel.

Mike Redlicki – Standing 6’8”, Redlicki finished his college career ranked as the No. 12 singles player in the nation. In his senior season of 2016-17, he won the singles title at the ITA/USTA National Indoor Championships, becoming the third National Indoor singles champion in school history.

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