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After 300 Yard Passing Performance, Nick Starkel’s Reign Is Here
WARNING: Those who can’t stand “Game of Thrones” should skip down a few paragraphs. In the show Game of Thrones, the North is a wild, mostly independent territory filled with strong-willed warriors. After some drama goes down in the first seasons, Robb Stark, heir of the the Stark family... Read more
Ryan Mallett Arrested Weeks Before New XFL Draft
Things had been looking up for Ryan Mallett recently. Sure, the former Hog Razorback who set 16 passing records in Fayetteville was no longer in the NFL, having last played for Baltimore in 2017. But he had a plan to get back into the big league through the new... Read more
What Kelly Bryant Did In Arkansas
 Kelly Bryant’s Arkansas visit included the companionship of an abnormally large quarterback   Transfer quarterback Kelly Bryant has only visited two campuses so far — North Carolina and Arkansas. Based on what we see below, he had a lot more fun in Fayetteville than Chapel Hill. Not only because... Read more
Former Arkansas Razorback Quarterbacks: Where Are They Now? Part 2
Below is Part 2 of my feature on former Arkansas quarterbacks which originally ran in Arkansas Life magazine.  Click here to see Part 1. – Evin Demirel Joe Ferguson Years Lettered: 1970-72 Ranks with Mitch Mustain as the most highly touted high school quarterback to ever sign with Arkansas.... Read more
Former Razorback Quarterbacks: Where Are They Now? Part 1
A look at former Razorback quarterbacks and their whereabouts. This article, by founder Evin Demirel, originally published in Arkansas Life magazine.  Statewide celebrity. National acclaim. Arkansas Razorback quarterbacks know these well. It looks like the next one in line will, too, as starter Brandon Allen completed 15 of... Read more