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What Really Went Down Behind Closed Doors After Jeff Long Was Fired
In the world of big-time college sports, the sausage making is often kept behind closed doors. How, exactly, boards of trustees and administrators make their career-defining coaching hires is almost always kept a secret from the fans. Along with a nosediving football program, this closed-door policy was one of... Read more
Ty Storey Looks To Take Reins at WKU, Could Start vs. Arkansas
Former Razorback quarterback Ty Storey didn’t have the greatest offseason. When the Charleston, Ark. native chose to transfer to Western Kentucky this past winter, he no doubt believed he was a strong contender for the starting position this fall. Things didn’t go as planned. Instead, Storey’s coach tabbed junior... Read more
Chad Morris, Nick Starkel Legit Get Down In Hogs’ “Club Dub”
Much has been made of the Razorback football team’s VIP-only “Club Dub,” a swank dance lounge that caters only to winners — of the Hog variety. Chad Morris made waves after Arkansas’ 55-33 win against Colorado State by busting more dance floor moves than should be legal for a 50-year-old... Read more
After 300 Yard Passing Performance, Nick Starkel’s Reign Is Here
WARNING: Those who can’t stand “Game of Thrones” should skip down a few paragraphs. In the show Game of Thrones, the North is a wild, mostly independent territory filled with strong-willed warriors. After some drama goes down in the first seasons, Robb Stark, heir of the the Stark family... Read more
Cheyenne O’Grady’s Jaw-Dropping TD Run Makes SportsCenter Top 10
Sometimes, a single play can change a game and even an entire season. In the fourth quarter of a tight game between Arkansas and Colorado State, Cheyenne “CJ” O’Grady produced such a play. The senior tight end caught a Nick Starkel pass 15 yards downfield at the Colorado State 47-yard... Read more
Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots Preview
On Sunday, September 15, the Razorback-filled Patriots will clash with Dolphins, a showdown between two rivals with a longstanding NFL history. These two teams have been sharing this rivalry since 1966, when the Patriots won their first-ever showdown with the Dolphins 20-14. In Week 1, the Patriots destroyed the... Read more
Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Colorado State Rams – Preview and Predictions
The NCAA football 2019 season is off to a great start, with big-time intraconference games involving SEC squads such as LSU-Texas, Auburn-Arizona and Texas A&M-Clemson in the books. Arkansas doesn’t play an intraconference game with national implications this weekend, but its showdown with Colorado State is still hugely important... Read more
Checking In On Razorbacks In The NFL
With one week of NFL football in the books, we’ve gotten a first look at the pro landscape, including which Arkansas Razorbacks are going to be a part of it. Not every Arkansas player in the league is putting up stats since some are on the fringes of rosters.... Read more